It seems the Backstreet Boys have finally run out of royalty cheques to live off of decided to make a real return back to music! Sure they've made some public appearances after joining the Jingle Ball lineup this past Winter, but a new single too?! What year is this?!

The news comes after the boyband released new Las Vegas dates as a part of their residency called "Larger Than Life." The show is set to run through July, August, October and November so they definitely will be keeping busy. Though their answer to a fan on Twitter showed that concerts aren't the only thing they've got under their sleeves. 

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When a fan asked if they had chosen a single or title for a new album, Kevin Richardson from the band responded "yes, we have a single. We've chosen it. It's coming out real soon." When asked for specifics on what "soon" really means, AJ McLean responded, "it's on Backstreet time." 

They played the TEENIEST snippet of their new song during a Twitter video but apart from that, the details are pretty fuzzy. Though considering the new trend in the industry is to have a small amount of time between revealing any kind of details about new projects and their release date, we've got to think it must be coming pretty soon. 

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If you are looking to catch the Backstreet Boys back in action, their tickets go on sale this Thursday and you can grab early tickets that day by clicking here with the pre-sale code EVERYBODY. 

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