Anyone who watches Lauren Riihimaki, better known as LaurDIY, on YouTube knows that the Canadian star is almost always bubbly and upbeat in her videos. But, her latest video took a darker turn when she literally went off on Air Canada after she was harassed by an employee. 

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Lauren is originally from Toronto but lives in LA. She was boarding a flight home from Toronto's Pearson Airport when an Air Canada rep harassed her at the check-in line. She shared the entire story in her vlog. 

According to Lauren, she was lining up to check into her flight with her dog Moose. Moose, a bull terrier, makes regular appearances in her videos and is a registered emotional support animal. As per airline rules, registered support animals don't need to be kept in crates when they accompany their owners on a flight.

Despite these rules, Moose's red leash which says "support animal" on it, and the fact that he wasn't bothering anyone, the Air Canada employee still immediately looked at Lauren and told her three times that her dog needed a muzzle. 

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As Lauren says in her video, she never gets into confrontations so her experience with this employee left her very shaken. She even goes on to refer to the employee as Satan. 

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Lauren does go on to say that another Air Canada employee named Kim stepped in and de-escalated the situation, and the employee who harassed Lauren was asked to leave. 

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Lauren does preface her video by saying she has nothing against Air Canada and has flown with them countless other times without any issues, and her negative experience with this one employee won't prevent her from travelling with them again. 

LaurDIY is a popular DIY Youtube channel with over 8 million subscribers. The star was returning to LA after a summer vacation in Ontario when the altercation happened. 

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