Let's forget about all the politics around bitcoin for a moment. Forget the bear and bull market, and who knows what the price is at now. The reality is, that when your Facebook friends or that person on Instagram posted about their newfound fortune, it involved one of two realities: A) they're actually very involved in stocks and digital currency or B) they forgot about it and got really damn lucky. 

Well depending on who the person is, that latter option can provoke responses like "why them?" or "that's actually hilarious". So in what can only be seen as a hilarious way for a celebrity to get even richer, rapper 50 Cent has become even more of a millionaire - and he didn't even realize it. 

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In 2014, 50 Cent released an album called "Animal Ambition". At the time, he made bitcoin an accepted form of payment for the album and received close to 700 bitcoins in total. At the time, bitcoin was roughly around $657. That 700 bitcoin he made? Close to $8 million dollars. 

The best part of this whole episode? It was a complete accident, one that until recently, he completely forgot about. He joked in an Instagram post how it wasn't "bad for a kid from South Side" although later admitted, "I'm a keep it real I forgot I did that sh*t lol". And the internet is finding it hilarious. 

At least he's being honest about it! Like many others, he joins a perhaps lucky few, who abandoned it until now and were lucky enough to remember their login information. 

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