Selena and Justin's on again/off again relationship is temporarily off again, but that didn't stop Justin from gallivanting around town with a beautiful new girl by his side.

Fans went crazy when they realized that the celebrity couple broke up. First, he was seen partying with his friend, Patrick Swartznegger and Bella Thorne. Now, Justin has been spotted multiple times around Los Angeles with a mystery blonde.

Amidst the drama, Selena went on a fun-filled yacht trip to Miami with her friends. She seems calm, cool and collected in regards to the drama. According to sources, the pair is on a break at the moment.

At first, Selena posted a video documenting her yacht trip, where she seemed completely disconnected from any Hollywood drama. She seemed happy and carefree, relaxing on a boat in the middle of the sea far away from California.

At the same time that Selena was partying on a Miami boat, Justin was seen all over L.A. with that mystery blonde woman. After realizing what Justin was up to, it seems Selena has responded with her actions.

@annaballinsembedded via

Even though Selena hasn't officially responded on her social media, since getting back from Miami, she has laid low and hasn't posted anything about Bieber online. Although, a friend of hers posted this photo of Selena looking extremely angelic and fans are suspecting that she chose that sweatshirt on purpose.

We all know that Selena has a big heart. Maybe she was wearing her "CHOOSE EMPATHY" sweatshirt as a way of telling her fans to lay off of Justin and let him be. We have a feeling that they're still connected and they're bound to get back together soon.

Source: Hollywood Life

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