Let's rewind to last weekend. Cardi B. found herself in a feud with another musician. This time, it wasn't Nicki Minaj, it was Azealia Banks.

If you already know what happened, feel free to skip this part. But for those who don't know, let's do a little recap. Let's start by saying, Azealia Banks is no stranger to feuds with female artists. 

When she was interviewed on The Breakfast Club, Azealia confirmed that she called Cardi B "an illiterate untalented rat". She also talked about how black women's culture was reaching an all-time high after Beyonce released her album "Lemonade" but now things have digressed to musicians like Cardi B. 

This started a fiery war where Cardi B and Azealia Banks went back and forth, insult after insult. Cardi B responded by claiming that Azealia had insulted Beyonce before and then called Azealia out for bleaching her skin. Cardi B's sister, Hennessy even got involved. 

@cardibxhennessycarolinaembedded via  

Azealia came back at Cardi by saying that Cardi had missed the point of her argument by calling out Azealia's physical appearance. The whole thing got nasty really quickly and then Cardi deleted her entire Instagram account and privatized her Twitter.

According to MediaTakeout.com, Cardi's doctor ordered her to get off of Instagram because the stress was not good for her baby. Reportedly, Cardi's obstetrician ordered the Bodak Yellow rapper to get off of social media for now. 

@cardibloooveembedded via  

According to the article, Cardi was reportedly told to get off of social media weeks ago but she didn't listen until now. The stress must've gotten to her and she realized that stress is definitely not what she needs late into her pregnancy.

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