Riverdale's Lili Reinhart announced on her Instagram story yesterday that she was going to be leaving Twitter for a bit. In her posts, she said that people on Twitter are constantly negative and the whole platform is filled with hate. 

She called the site toxic before announcing she would be taking a break from Twitter. She concluded with a message to online trolls saying that their hate won't make them any less miserable. She didn't name any names, but chances are she was talking to one person in particular. 

Via Lili Reinhart | Instagram

Via Lili Reinhart | Instagram

The "Internet troll" she is referring to is Youtuber Elijah Daniel, who has over 500k followers on Twitter and 600k subscribers on Youtube. He started a massive Twitter feud with the cast of Riverdale this weekend. Although his comments seemed harmless, it seemed to infuriate the cast of the hit CW show. The feud got intense, involving multiple cast members and clearly, it was enough to drive Lili off Twitter completely. 

Here's how it all went down. Elijah started by asking his followers on Twitter if Riverdale fans knew the show sucked and just didn't care. While he didn't actually mention any of the cast members, this tweet was enough to prompt a response from their main character, Archie Andrews.

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KJ Apa, who plays Archie on the show quickly responded with his own quip, which made this incident into a full-on Twitter war. KJ clapped back by asking Elijah if his fans knew if he was a f*ckin' idiot or if they just didn't care. 

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The drama didn't end there. Ashleigh Murray, who plays Josie on Riverdale, tweeted out saying that no one even knows who Elijah Daniel is. Which of course led to Elijah responding that Ashleigh has even less online followers than he does. 

The feud between the two got even more dragged out and led to Ashleigh accusing Elijah of being a racist since he called her "sis" and then he joked that she seemed homophobic. 

Then Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead as most people know, decided to get in on the action tweeting the next day that social media was ruining his day. 

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The beef features a number of tweets going back and forth from Elijah and the Riverdale cast, but Elijah summed it all up with one tweet in the end. He encouraged everyone to stop taking the internet so seriously and laugh at themselves more.

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Elijah Daniel may be laughing now since the whole Riverdale Twitter beef completely fed into his game but Lili Reinhart isn't. Instead, for the next little while at least, we won't be seeing the Riverdale star on Twitter at all. 

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