While it looks like Justin Bieber is living a perfect life with his new fiancee Hailey Baldwin, a new video that just surfaced may bring some trouble his way. 

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The Canadian born pop star is currently in a legal battle over a fist fight in Cleveland, Ohio from 2016. Bieber got into a fight during the NBA finals after swiping a pair of sunglasses from Rodney Tobias Cannon, who took a picture of the singer wearing his shades which he claims caused Bieber to start a fight. 

Previously Bieber had claimed that he acted in self-defense from Cannon. While TMZ originally released a video that showed Bieber getting punched in the face, The Blast obtained new security footage that shows that Bieber actually threw the first punch. 

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The video shows the whole situation unfold, including Bieber initially taking Cannon's sunglasses from his shirt. You can see Cannon takes a photo of Bieber before he comes back and confronts him. 

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When Cannon walks away from Bieber he yanks him back by his sleeve, initially starting the whole altercation. Cannon does throw the first punch though, making Bieber hook a response to being hit in the face. 

Previously, Bieber's manager Scooter Bruan dismissed the lawsuit as blackmail and claimed Cannon had tried to get money out of the Candian singer on multiple occasions. 

Only time will reveal how this lawsuit will play out but it's safe to say that this video does not make Justin Bieber look good. 

Source: The Blast 

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