Early this morning, TMZ reported that Meghan Markle looked very much in love before her marriage to Prince Harry of Wales. 

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Since Markle entered the Royal world, it seems we've forgotten that she used to be a normal American celebrity. Since she started dating Prince Harry publicly, her public persona has changed, she went from acting on film to dropping all relations to her TV series, Suits immediately. 

Markle has worked very hard to differentiate herself from the actor we all used to know and love. She's become a somewhat robotic Royal who only goes out in formal attire to shake hands with the people of the UK. 

So, when TMZ shared a photo of Megan cozying up with her old boyfriend, it's safe to say we were a little shocked. In the photo, you can see Meghan with a gigantic smile plastered on her face, sitting on her then-boyfriend's lap with her arms wrapped around him.

In the photo, you can see her ex-boyfriend, Cory Vitiello kissing Markle's cheek. So, who's the guy? Cory Vitiello is a known celebrity chef, that clearly used to date Markle. This photo was reportedly taken years ago in 2016.

The photo was reportedly taken at Atlas Restaurant in May 2016. According to TMZ, it wasn't that long before Markle was set up with Prince Harry! 

Source: TMZ

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