Calling all Riverdale fans! If there are a couple things that we know about Riverdale is that the show is insanely addictive, super creepy and filled with amazing musical talent. 

The show is known for their amazing musical numbers and raw talent. Josie and the Pussycats, Veronica's incredible vocals and Archie can definitely shred on the guitar. So, it seems that one of these actors took their musical talents even further by performing live on stage at Coachella this weekend. 

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Who was it? Obviously, Riverdale's biggest star, KJ Apa! Our very own Archie Andrews performed on a huge stage at Coachella this past weekend and his fans went wild. 

Here's all the info.

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KJ's fans in the crowd were definitely surprised when he took the stage during Kygo's performance. KJ played the guitar on stage while Kygo performed his set. 

He even got his own guitar solo! That's a huge deal. His fans are other Riverdale actors fully supported his performance. Vanessa Morgan posted a video during his performance on Instagram stories. 

If you were paying super close attention, KJ did tease the performance earlier this week on his Instagram. He posted this picture on Instagram with the caption, "See ya on stage with @kygomusic #Coachella."

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Apart from that, KJ didn't speak too much about the surprising performance, so many fans were completely stunned that he was on stage! Fans and even his fellow actors were really impressed by his performance. 

Maybe this means he'll be back on stage again sometime soon?! But, for the love of Riverdale, please don't give up acting to pursue your musical career, we can't lose Archie Andrews.  

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