The drama keeps coming and it never stops coming. As we all know, Kylie Jenner gave birth to a baby girl on February 1st and announced her pregnancy on February 4th. She shared a post on Instagram explaining her absence, while giving fans an inside look into her pregnancy by sharing a touching tribute to her baby girl. 

In the YouTube video, which now has 36 million views, Kylie Jenner shares everything from her friends finding out to the last minutes of her pushing. But what can also be seen is Kim Kardashian debuting her own bundle of joy, Chicago West. Chicago, who is about a month older than Kylie's daughter, can be seen wrapped up in the video while given quite a bit of airtime on Kylie Jenner's baby video. And talk show host Wendy Williams had quite a lot to say about it. 

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Wendy Williams, who is the host of The Wendy Williams Show, is clearly not happy with the Kardashian-Jenners right now. She slammed both Kim and Kylie by calling Kim selfish for debuting her daughter in her sisters reveal video. This is what she had to say: "Also in the video we saw Chicago West for the first time, which is Kim and Kanye’s new daughter, which I thought was selfish. This is Kylie’s moment to do Kylie’s thing and then Kim just showed up with the baby. I think it’s selfish." I mean, we're not disagreeing. However, she went on to say that she thought the video was 'cute', but "she's only 20. What a mess". 

Wendy Williams is known for not holding her tongue, and Kim Kardashian is definitely known for clapping right back on Twitter. I'm impatiently waiting for her response to defend herself, however, maybe Kylie's video wasn't the best place to show your daughter to the world. Maybe on the cover of People magazine would've been better. 

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