Although most of us had no idea it was happening until it turned to disaster, now that we have the facts it's so easy for us to see that Fyre Festival was one of the biggest scams of our generation. Most of the news about the festival has blown over now that its creator, Billy McFarland is behind bars, but now, a famous Victoria' Secret model has admitted that she cried while watching the Fyre Festival documentary because she was pressured into promoting it.

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The life of a model seems to be very elegant and glamorous from the outside, but oftentimes, these women are booked to represent brands that they know nothing about, cover events they're not interested, or promote music festivals that actually turn out to be disastrous with very little say in the matter. According to Shanina Shaik, promoting Fyre Festival was not her idea.

"The girls and I were just kind of dragged into it. We would never want to promote something like that or take someone's money," says Shaik. Her and fellow models, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Baldwin, among others, are now being subpoenaed for their work as promoters for the festival. The models were paid thousands of dollars to post about Fyre on Instagram, while those who were scammed by McFarland are still out thousands of dollars.

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As the legal proceedings continue, these models could be forced to admit to the public just how much they were paid for their promotional work. In their defense, they were brought onto the project by a professional scam artist, who sold Fyre Festival to their agents as the festival of a lifetime. Although they're not entirely innocent here, I do say we cut them some slack - they were just doing their job as influencers, which is influencing.

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