As Meghan Markle prepares to become a British citizen, she'll have to study up on everything to do with the United Kingdom and its history. 

But if a resurfaced video of the Suits actress says anything, her British knowledge may not have been enough to pass.

Back in 2016 - when Meghan was secretly dating Prince Harry - the 36-year-old participated in a Britishness quiz to promote Suits airing on UK network Dave, and she failed. Miserably. 

The video is pretty facepalm worthy for someone who is about to marry an actual Prince.

During the quiz, Meghan had to "pick the British place," "name the British ale," and name the national animal of England, among other questions. Out of the entire quiz, she only correctly identified the English terms for "chips", "trashcan" and "pants".  

Fortunately for the princess-to-be, the real UK citizen test will probably focus on more serious matters. According to The Sun, sections on the test include: "The Values and principles of the UK", "What is the UK?", "A long and illustrious history", "A modern, thriving society" and "The UK government, the law and your role".

Not nearly as exciting as British beers.

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