We're not quite sure what would prompt someone to make an incredibly high stakes bet against the famous Leonardo DiCaprio. No really, the fact alone that it's Leo makes it seem a little worse than other celebrities.

You made a bet with Ryan Reynolds? Cool. You made a bet with Daisy Ridley? Okay, fine. You made a bet with Leonardo DiCaprio? Why? Did you think you'd win? 

Well apparently, Tom Hardy thought he could. The also famous actor recently inked another work of art on an already sizeable collection of tattoos - this one because of said bet made with Leonardo DiCaprio. 

@cinedeprimeraembedded via

Leo was convinced that Tom Hardy would be getting an Oscar nomination, but Tom disagreed. And thus began the bet. With DiCaprio being aptly correct, Hardy had to get a tattoo of his co-star's choice. Though all in good humour, it's pretty embarrassing if you ask us. 

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If you look carefully on his right bicep, you can see the freshly inked, perpetually true words "Leo Knows All".

Poor Tom Hardy, hopefully he enjoyed the Oscar nomination! And hopefully now he knows not to make a bet against Leo. 

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