Collision, a tech conference boasted as one of the biggest in North America, will be hosted outside of U.S. for the first time this year. Over 700 hundred public figures and company executives will be speaking at Collision Toronto 2019, celebrities included. Not only will tech industry titans and CEOs be attending the conference, several big-name celebrities and politicians will also be appearing at the highly-anticipated event.

The most well-known individuals to speak at the conference this week are Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Timbaland, Steve Aoki, Terrell Owens, Damon Wayans, Jessie Reyez, and Catherine Mckenna, as well as Justin Trudeau, Toronto mayor John Tory and Ontario premier Doug Ford.

Alongside the big names and hundreds of other speakers set to participate in the four-day event, organizers have stated that they expect over 25,0000 people to attend Collison this year.

The celebrity speakers are set to lead all kinds of discussions related to the tech industry. For example, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, co-founder of HITRECORD, will be there to discuss the next chapter for the creative online community with an emphasis on creative collaboration over self-promotion.

Seth Rogen, on the other hand, will focus on his new Canadian cannabis brand called Houseplant which he started with Evan Goldberg, who famously co-wrote several popular comedies with Rogen including Superbad and Pineapple Express.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau kicked off the event by speaking at the launch on Monday. “What a pleasure it is to sit down with Paddy and talk about this great conference – this opportunity to gather together tech brains from around the world and highlight some of the great things happening in Canada but also how we can move forward in a way that is responsible, thoughtful, creative and most importantly brings along everyone’s path to success,” he said, according to Global News.

Tickets for the event are not cheap. Regular tickets are on sale for a whopping $1,011 each and executive tickets going for as much as $2,932.

Believe it or not, there's an even pricier ticket called the chairperson ticket, which has already sold out. The chairperson ticket, set at $10,842, grants access to the speaker’s lounge area, offering exclusive opportunities to mingle with celebrities and network with the tech industry's most influential innovators.

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