Attention Toronto mans! Drake just posted about an interesting new slang word and it looks like the 6ix is in for a new trend. Twitter users are quickly hopping on board and totally anticipating for the rapper to use the term in his future work.

Toronto is known for some pretty unique and often wild sayings that catch on and spread quickly throughout the community.

If you're fluent in Torontonian language, you likely know "fam", "waste", "ting", and "yute" among many more that often get featured in Drake's songs. 

Recently the rapper posted a brand new word to his Instagram story that came from UberFacts on Twitter.

In the original tweet from the account that shares "the most unimportant things you'll never need to know", they introduced a lesser-known word with their nearly 14 million followers.

"The English language has about 3,000 words to describe the state of being drunk. One of which is 'ramsquaddled'", UberFacts wrote. 

Another user retweeted the post and added the caption, "Don’t let Toronto mans get a hold of this word".

That tweet got nearly 2,000 likes, over 500 retweets, and ended up getting the attention of the Toronto born star.

Drake took a screenshot of the post and shared it on his Instagram story, though he didn't add an additional caption to it.

Hopefully, he stored "ramsquaddled" in his brain for future use in his next rap song.

Twitter users are already sharing their ideas for how the new word can be incorporated into songs and everyday life. 

Another turned the slang into something shorter, calling it "RAMIED or RAMAZ maybe even a 'Squazied eh'".

This user was quick to name drop the "God's Plan" rapper as very likely the use the funky word.

Staying true to his Toronto roots, Drake's most recent song "Tootsie Slide" dropped in April and the music video featured exclusive footage inside of his Bridle Path mansion. 

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