Here's a little positivity to brighten your day. Grey's Anatomy star Giacomo Gianniotti is a big Toronto Raptors fan and is keeping his pride alive during these difficult times. While suited in Raptors gear, he sent an uplifting message to his many fans. 

The 30-year-old actor took to Instagram stories to share a lengthy message about what we can do to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He started off the string of videos by addressing the black and red baseball cap he was wearing. 

"I hope you're doing well in this quarantine. You'll notice I'm wearing my Raptors hat because I'm very sad that I can't watch the Raptors games," Gianniotti said. "So I'm wearing this out of just pretending that I'm watching one and it makes me feel better."

Gianniotti's biggest piece of advice in the videos was to stock up on groceries and non-perishable items but to not be too greedy about it. 

"You have to realize that everybody is vulnerable in this but there are people that are much, much more vulnerable than you and those people need to be respected," he said. "We cannot hoard groceries, food, anything in resources. We need to take a little for ourselves, make sure everybody else is okay."

The Grey's Anatomy star also recommended checking in on neighbours to make sure they have everything they need and to give to others where you can. 

"Be that person, be the change you want to see in the world because if you were on that side, you'd want someone helping you," he said.

Giannotti ended his message by sharing that he lowered the rates on his Cameo videos, where he does personalized shoutouts to fans. 

The money he makes off them has always been donated to charities. He said he will continue doing that with the videos he makes during this time of social distancing while "we're all stuck at home and bored."

Giannotti shared that he donated $10,000 to both My Friend's Place and All Hands and Hearts in the past. 

He added that "I would like to donate this next $10,000 to Italy and everyone there. The doctors and staff working tirelessly to help our patients and find a cure."

Earlier this week, he shared a video encouraging others to donate to the country who got hit extremely hard with a wave of COVID-19 cases. 

The actor was born in Rome, Italy and his Instagram bio notes that he splits his time living between Toronto, LA, and Roma. 

Gianniotti shared that he is currently in LA where production on Grey's Anatomy normally takes place. 

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