She's stepping down. Jessica Mulroney got herself caught up in a white privilege scandal last week, which resulted in her losing partnerships with various companies. The fashion stylist was a co-founder of The Shoebox Project, but they recently announced that she is no longer on their Board of Directors. 

The Canadian charity announced Mulroney's departure from them in a two-part photo post last week.

"Jessica Mulroney is a founding member of The Shoebox Project and she has dedicated herself to its growth and success over the years, for which we are very grateful," the statement reads. 

"In light of recent events, the charity supports Jessica's decision to step away from the Board of Directors."

They also add, "We are deeply committed to do better for Black and Indigenous women who have been systemically oppressed in Canada and around the world."

According to the official website, The Shoebox Project for Women is based in Toronto and was founded in 2011 by sisters-in-law Jessica, Caroline, Vanessa and Katy Mulroney.

The four family members noticed that there were opportunities to donate to homeless children during the holidays but not their mothers. The charity was founded with the hope that shoeboxes filled with $50 worth of "little luxuries" would bring happiness to homeless or at-risk women.

Mulroney's departure from The Shoebox Project is one of many companies she no longer works with.

That includes Cityline, Hudson's Bay, Good Morning America, and CTV and Bell Media who cancelled her reality series I Do, Redo. 

The heiress to Brown Shoes was accused last week of engaging in "textbook white privilege" behaviour by Toronto based blogger, Sasha Exeter.

In an IGTV video, Exeter explained that she shared a general call to action post to influencers to speak up about the Black Lives Matter movement, which Mulroney took as a blatant call out to her.

She reportedly threatened Exeter's business and livelihood by saying she would contact companies the blogger works with.

After issuing a public apology in the comments of the video, Mulroney then privately threatened to sue her for libel.

The wife of Ben Mulroney apologized on her Instagram profile for her behaviour and again on Twitter after her wedding series got cancelled.

Mulroney claims she is going to step back from social media for a while in order to hand her microphone to Black voices.

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