You may know the co-creator and star of the CBC sitcom from his hosting role on MTV Live, the 2013 film called Admission, or from Degrassi: The Next Generation. Maybe you only found out about the hilarious actor when the comedy first aired. What you probably didn't know is that Schitt's Creek's Dan Levy was once a Canadian Idol intern and he has some crazy memories from the experience. 

The 36-year-old shared the story of his role as Production Assistant in a recent video posted on the Schitt's Creek Instagram account.

Levy recalled his time working for Canadian Idol and said, "Tent cities were being constructed in Toronto just for all the auditioners to come and camp out so they could get in line for a ticket to audition for the judges. My job was to take a garbage bag and walk from tent to tent collecting people's trash. And the things that I saw coming out of these people's tents would send shivers down your spine."

According to an article from The Globe and Mail, they confirmed that Levy was an intern for the TV show.

The Globe and Mail also wrote that the actor once lived in London where "He began working there as an intern at ICM, a worldwide talent agency, fielding calls from the likes of Anthony Hopkins, only to be thrown into an assistant position".

Talking to them, Levy said that the positions he had were "'good stepping stones and all character building'".

Born in Toronto, Levy's first on-screen role was in 2006 when he was an MTV Live host. His first acting role was in the 2009 movie Degrassi Goes Hollywood as Robbie. He's been a writer and star in Schitt's Creek since he and his father Eugene co-created it in 2015. 

Annie Murphy who plays his on-screen sister Alexis also spoke about one of her most ridiculous jobs. 

She said, "I worked as a receptionist for a physiotherapist. But one of my responsibilities was to remove acupuncture needles from people's bodies. Which is just yanking out needles from people's bodies but it's still... yanking needles out of people's bodies."

Luckily now Murphy's role doesn't involve anything of that sort. Viewers on Twitter seem to love her so much they even want an Alexis sequel series after the series ends this spring. 

Levy's real-life sister Sarah who plays Twyla Sands was also in the clip and said that she's had so many weird jobs.

"Most of them involve restaurants," the actress said. "And now here I am, just doing something totally different and unusual."

Jennifer Robertson who plays Jocelyn Schitt said she once "sold trees in Africa. Like, I'm an actor. I did all kinds of weird jobs."

No other cast members were in the video, but Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara have been in the acting industry and have worked together on tons of projects since the early 70s.

Last night, the cast joined together at the SAG Awards, where Dan Levy wore a suit with a white embroidered rose as a tribute to the Rose family.

You can catch the Schitt's Creek cast tomorrow night at 9 p.m. on CBC.

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