What a couple of weeks its been. Jordyn Woods was caught cheating with Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend Tristan Thompson, and now Kylie Jenner is accusing Travis Scott of cheating. Is anything ever quiet in the Kardashian world? The answer: No. Travis Scott responds to rumors that he cheated on Kylie Jenner, but no one is buying it. 

Last night, reports broke that Travis Scott lied about the reason why he canceled his show in Buffalo. He tweeted out, "Buffalo I’m so sorry I can’t perform tonight. I’m under the weather and it f–king sucks! Can’t pull up without full rage. Show rescheduled to March 10 all tix are valid. See u soon." But TMZ reported that Travis wasn't honest, and he had to stay in LA for another reason. 

The reason being that Kylie, his girlfriend, found "evidence" that he cheated on her. While we're not sure what this evidence is, it apparently was a big enough fight that he had to stay in town. Well, his rep responded to those comments and said, "Travis Scott vehemently denies he cheated on Kylie. It is not true. He did not cheat. He cancelled one show tonight because he is under the weather."

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People think that this isn't a rumor and it's actually true because the Kardashian-Jenners are "tainted". Have you ever heard of the Kardashian curse? While he very well could be sick, according to TMZ, he surprised Kylie and Stormi in LA on Wednesday and couldn't fly back for his show because he had to deal with this situation. Fans also think that "under the weather" is a pretty bad excuse. 

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At this point, the Kardashians have so much drama in their lives that I wouldn't be surprised if this was true. But for Kylie and Travis's sake, I hope it's not. The two have dodged cheating rumors before when there was a fake photo of Travis Scott making out with a girl, and he addressed that right away, as he did with this situation. I guess we will have to see what plays out. 

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