So as we all know, Khloe Kardashian is days away from giving birth to her first child, a daughter, with boyfriend Tristan Thompson. While we're patiently waiting for the news, aka the Instagram post of her in the hospital, it seems like Tristan has other plans. 

In a video that you can see here on the Daily Mail, Tristan is spotted getting super close and locking lips with a girl, who is clearly not Khloe. While the video shows the girl getting closer to some guy in a black jacket and a white hoodie, some may think it's impossible to tell it's him. Well, they also screenshotted a picture of him wearing that exact outfit but just with the hood down. 

Via Daily Mail

Via Daily Mail

While it's not clear who the mystery woman is, the only thing that really matters is that it's not Khloe, his baby mama. You can see at one point in the video that she leans in closer to him, and closes her eyes, and leans in for a kiss. She also has her arm around him, and the woman who filmed the clips claimed he was with a group of friends and some girl he was 'clearly making out with all night. Seriously, poor KoKo. 

@khloekardashianembedded via  

Khloe and Tristan announced their pregnancy on Instagram in December after months of speculation, and she has been taking us along her pregnancy journey on Instagram ever since. She posted the photo above a few days ago with the caption "We are ready whenever you are little mama", which would have been a couple of days after Tristan was spotted at the club. 

It looks like Tristan may have some explaining to do, but it may be in the delivery room as Khloe is ready to give birth any day now. 

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