Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement announcement has the entire internet on an all-time high. 

Monday's news sparked social media frenzy, and naturally, people had questions about the 36-year-old American and soon-to-be royal. So new Markle fans took to the internet (where else?) to dig up as much information as they could about Prince Harry's fiancee - and they struck gold. 

Inquiring minds on Twitter found throwback photos of Markle rocking her gorgeous natural, curly hair. And considering the princess-to-be has never been spotted without a fresh blowout, everyone is going crazy.

Twitter user Kamie Crawford, who posted the photos, wrote: "We got curls in the royal palace y'all!!! Starting a petition to get Meghan to wear a fresh wash & go around the palace." Where do we sign?

Yup, back in 1998, the future duchess was known as Rachel Markle and the 17-year-old rocked some incredible curls. And while the thought of the entire world seeing your junior year class picture is enough to make anyone want to run and hide, Meghan's fans are making sure the soon-to-be royal knows they are here for her natural, textured hair.

Here's to hoping that Markle reps them next Spring while walking down the aisle with Prince Harry.

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