The teen drama based on the Archie Comics has made a home out of west coast Canada for the past four seasons. With it brings a cast of famous faces who hang out in fun places in between filming. Riverdale's Madeleine Petsch loves the snow in Vancouver where she's living while filming season four. 

The 25-year-old posts tons of snapshots on Instagram of her and her cast members, and she also has a YouTube channel where she posts weekly videos of her life and adventures.

In a recent photo, the actress is seen wearing a lime green turtleneck with a neon yellow puffer coat, black jeans, and black boots. She's sporting a slight smirk which she references in the caption that says, "it’s snowing in Vancouver (and I may not look it in this photo) but I’m v happy about it". 

Though Petsch adores the snow, her co-stars posted comments sharing how confused they are about both her attire and where she was.

Lili Reinhart who plays Betty Cooper commented, "Isn’t ur butt all wet" to which Petsch replied, "I had the proper tools with me".

Camila Mendes, who you know as Veronica Lodge also wrote, "where are you? where is this? i’m confused". Her co-star responded with only the smiling devil face emoji hinting that she may have escaped for a little adventure without the cast. 

This isn't the first time Petsch has shouted out Vancouver, and she recently shared in a video for Vogue that one of her favourite products she always travels with is an essential oil roll-in she bought in the city. 

The Washington born actress posted a video on her YouTube channel of her and her boyfriend Travis Mills vacationing at Big Bear Mountain in California for the New Year.

She had tons of shots happily enjoying the snow, as the couple went tubing wearing full snow gear to protect themselves from the cold.

She also played in the snow with her new puppy Olive who she adopted in October. 

Petsch was later joined by her best friend Taylor Rae who took her on a helicopter ride above the snowy mountains.

According to What's Filming, season four of Riverdale will continue production until April 4 so the cast will be around the Vancouver area until then.

They also recently got renewed for season five so they will be back in town when filming for that begins. 

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