We all know and love Ellen Degeneres as one of the most kind and giving people on the planet. She's always thinking about others, whether it be day to day people who happened to go viral on the internet, our favourite celebrities, or the people in her audience!

One has to wonder though, for all that she gives, does anyone ever give back to Ellen?! Of course, that's not what giving is all about, but there's really no denying that she deserves it.

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Anyone who's a big Ellen fan would know that as of late, she's been working very hard on her Wildlife Fund, which is aimed at protecting endangered species. She's particularly passionate about gorillas, and has been making efforts to save them for quite some time now.

Many of Ellen's celebrity friends know this, but they also know Ellen is the type to NEVER ask for help, so when she brought her Wildlife Fund to their attention, a certain few amazing men knew exactly what they had to do.

Ellen's good friend and neighbour, Ashton Kutcher, as well as his business partner, Guy Oseary, teamed up with a new e-transferring service called Ripple in order to donate $4 million to the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund, and needless to say, Ellen's reaction is beyond heartwarming.

When it comes time to transfer the money to her account, Kutcher asks DeGeneres if she'd like to push the button to which she replies, "Oh yes I'd like to push it. I'd like to push it real good." Because of course, what else would Ellen say?!

The video is beyond cute, and we're so happy to see Ellen get the funding she needs for her project!

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