It's pretty safe to say that Nickelback is not exactly a Canadian treasure. People have never held back from voicing their hate for the band. It's pretty much public knowledge that they are not very loved by their fellow Canadians. Unlike Drake or The Weeknd, Nickelback never really became a source of Canadian pride.

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So why do Canadians hate Nickelback so much? We asked several Canadians for their opinion and check out what they had to say. Their reactions are hilarious, to say the least. 

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Many people called out Chad Kroeger and his distinct, scratchy voice. People are not exactly a fan of the band's lead singer. 

  • "The main reason why they suck is Chad Kroeger – his stupid hair and voice that sounds like he's scratching it up on purpose. It's also trashy redneck rock and roll that no one outside of Alberta finds appealing. All of their songs basically sound the same too, if you think about it."
  • "I personally don’t like Nickelback because Chad Kroegers voice (to me) sounds ridiculously scratchy and I honestly just want to give him a cough drop. That being said, I did like their song “Rockstar” because of the music video. Honestly though I just think of that stupid “look at this photograph” meme whenever I hear them now."

Several people also pointed out that many of their songs sound nearly identical. Others didn't have detailed explanations, but just straight up did not like the band. Here are some of the most brutal responses:

  • "Nickleback get a lot of crap for their music... Sort of bland, alt rock whose songs all sound the same". 
  • "Very tacky. Cringey."
  • "I don't know why, [their music] just bothers me. It's not my music preference."

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There was also a recent thread on Reddit Canada in which people shared their mutual hate for Nickelback. It all started with a simple question, but the post quickly garnered dozens of hilarious replies.

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Redditor SocialSchisms began the thread: "I have genuinely been curious about this for a long time. It's pretty much ubiquitous that people hate Nickelback, and I find that Canadians are especially embarrassed and apologetic for them." 

Many Canadians did not hold back. Check out some of these answers:

  • "I just think they're a mediocre band that spawned a bunch of mediocre clones that basically wrecked the credibility of an entire genre of popular music" - Redditor CirclingTheVoid, 21 points
  • "It turned into a large joke but they started out pretty good imo but they became huuuuuuge douchebags and personally for me the music ended up being the same sounding crap. They went from heavy rock to pop rock and that's my own reasoning for disliking them" - Redditor bunniesgonebad, 16 points
  • "We got killed with their music. I don’t know how old you are, but there was a time when you could not escape hearing Nickleback anywhere.... I kid you not, even elevator type music was Nickleback. There was one point where it broke some sort of record for the amount of airplay..." - Redditor Silly__Rabbit, 17 points
  • "Because their music is pointless radio filler that sounds identical to all their other sings, as well as any other generic radio rock band of the era (especially Theory of a Deadman). Is it a coincidence the frogman is married to avril Lavigne? I think not." - Redditor nambis, 3 points

It appears that there are a variety of reasons why Canadians aren't the biggest fans of Nickelback. But from the people we've talked to, one thing is definitive: the hate for Nickelback is pretty unanimous. 

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Despite their not-so-popular status, the ban continues to make music (honestly we were pretty surprised when we found this out). Their latest album from 2017 is called Feed The Machine. They recently concluded a series of concerts in Europe and are even going on tour to Australia and Japan in 2019.

So apparently they do have fans, but maybe not many in their home country? So if you have ever wondered why Canadians hate Nickelback so much, you got your answer. 

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