If you watched the Women Tell All last week, then you probably remember Bachelor contestant Caroline Lunny dropped a serious bomb on viewers and on Arie when she called him out on air.

She took this opportunity to address him, she started by saying "This whole time you said you were here because you were trying to find a wife" She continued on fighting back tears, "I know what you did, and I don't know how you could do that. And I just really don't understand."

After this bomb was dropped, castmates and fans were so curious to find out "what he did". Arie responded to Caroline by saying "I think that will play out in the weeks to come". Well, we don't have to wait until next week because now the truth has come out. 

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US Weekly reported that after Arie proposed to one of his final contestants, he quickly changed his mind. Shortly after filming the finale, he took the cameras with him all the way to the winner's house only to break things off. He then took the cameras with him to his runner-up's house and reunited with her. Let me reiterate, THIS WAS ALL ON CAMERA. Which means we're definitely going to see this play out on the Bachelor season finale next week.

An insider reported to US Weekly that when Arie arrived at the winner's house, he was hardly sympathetic and it was awful to watch. I have my suspicions that this "insider" may be Caroline Lunny. After he dumped her on camera, he flew to his runner-up's house and begged her to take him back. 

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We don't want to give everything away, but it's pretty easy to find out which friend Caroline was defending when she questioned Arie on air - all you have to do is check their Instagram accounts. 

Reportedly, Arie dumping his winner and getting back together with his runner-up will all be televised next week. At least Chris Harrison was telling the truth when he said, "This is going to be the most dramatic finale yet". 

Source: US Weekly

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