Her character on Schitt's Creek has a somewhat rocky dating life and ended season five about to embark to Galapagos for six months with her boyfriend Ted. Though she's just trying to navigate life in the tiny and rundown town she now calls home, the Canadian actress is actually married in real life. You might be asking who is Annie Murphy's husband? He's in the entertainment industry as well.

Here are eight facts about Menno Versteeg.

He's From Ottawa Just Like His Wife

Versteeg was born in Ottawa on January 7, 1980, and will celebrate his 40th birthday in a few days. Murphy was born in the same city in December 1986. The two got married in 2011. 

He Was In A Canadian Rock Band

The band called Hollerado was created in 2007 and he played lead vocals and guitar. His bandmates, who all come from Ottawa as well, were Dean Baxter, Jake Boyd, and Nixon Boyd. The Globe and Mail called them "a Canadian alternative to Weezer." In February 2019, they announced they were splitting up and played their final shows in December. 

He Has Lived In Three Cities In Canada

Also according to The Globe and Mail, the band that was formed in Ottawa eventually moved to Montreal and then Toronto at the beginning of their career.

He Loved Playing Cover Songs While On Tour 

A YouTube interview by Alicia Atout - AMBY Interviews in 2012 brought up the question of his favourite songs to play while on tour. He told the interviewer, "Songs that aren't ours. We get sick of our own songs so we just play covers and that's always fun if we just play something we've never played before." He continued saying that his favourite cover to play changes every day. 

He's An Avid Twitter User

In an interview with Juno TV, the Canadian said that he checks Twitter often in order to communicate with his fans. He said, "on a show day like today we gave away a whole bunch of tickets on Twitter so it's kind of big job because you gotta write them back but I enjoy doing it." His most recent tweet was on New Year's Eve.

He Has A Tattoo That Says "Amigos"

The band's Instagram posted a photo showing a tattoo that he originally got in February 2018 and updated in October 2019. They explained it with the caption, "Last time we played Amigos in Saskatoon, @mennovers got a tattoo to commemorate the last time we would ever play Amigos. Well, it turns out that we got booked at Amigos one more time. This is our ACTUAL last show ever at @amigossk and the tattoo has been adjusted accordingly." 

He & Murphy Lost Their Apartment In A Fire

Not the most uplifting fact, but right before her audition for Schitt's Creek, the couple's apartment burned down while they were away at Murphy's parents' cottage. They both lost all of their possessions and her new role as Alexis helped her get back on her feet.

He Met Ian McKellen

In an Instagram photo from April 2013, Versteeg posted a black and white photo beside the English actor with the caption, "Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Sir Ian, "Cheese!" , Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Sir Ian."

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