If you say you don't care about the Kardashians and Jenners even a little bit, you're definitely lying. They're a cultural phenomenon that people can't seem to shake, and now one of them has a new love interest. Who is Kyle Kuzma? He's apparently dating Kendall Jenner. 

Pictures were released of the two on the fourth of July on a yacht and then at an after-party. You can check out the photos here. Naturally, you probably want to know everything there is to know about Kyle Kuzma. How old is he? Is he famous? Does He have any important ex's? Luckily you've come to the right place, here's everything we know about Kyle Kuzma. 

He's A Basketball Player 

Kyle Kuzma has been a forward for the Los Angeles Lakers since 2017. He's the only rookie who managed to stay on the team after draft season this year. He's on the last year of his first $5 million NBA contract. 

He's 23 Years Old 

He was born in Flint, Michigan on July 24th, 1995. That makes him almost exactly the same age as Kendall who was born in November of the same year.  

He Dated Katya Elise Henry

His only notable ex is Katya Else Henry. Like Kendall, she's a model, but she also has a YouTube channel with quite a big following. She has a fanbase of 6 million Instagram followers, nothing compared to Kendall's 113 million.  

Although they spent a lot of time together during the Holiday, Kendall Jetted off to Europe with her other model fans right after the party. She left us all wondering are they really dating?

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