This Step Brothers actor just proved that his knowledge of Canadian delicacies goes a little further than eating maple syrup and spaghetti for his role in Elf. During Will Ferrell’s Hot Ones interview, he revealed he has a nickname for Ontario. According to the actor, it’s all because of their signature hot sauce.

Ferrell made an appearance on the YouTube channel First We Feast to promote his new movie Downhill. However, host Sean Evans also arranged for the actor to participate in the channel's segment Hot Ones.

With 10 wings marinated in 10 different brands of hot sauce, the goal of the game was to see if Ferrell could handle all the different types of hot sauce throughout the interview.

While the 52-year-old actor made it through the 20-minute interview unscathed, it wasn’t without him revealing some interesting facts about Ontario.

The seventh type of hot sauce the pair sampled happened to be Canadian. While eating the delicacy called “Stargazer,” Ferrell jokingly concluded that Canada is “always known for their hot sauce.”

When he found out that the brand was specifically from Ontario he hilariously told the host that he calls Ontario “the Mexico of Canada.” Further explaining that it was obviously “because of their hot sauce.”

He took the spiciness in stride and concluded that the hot sauce was “not bad” and that he was “okay.”

You can watch the heated moment unfold below.

The actor’s newest film, which he was promoting on Hot Ones,  follows a married couple who is forced to confront life when threatened by an avalanche on a family ski trip.

You can watch Will Ferrell and co-star Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Downhill now playing in select theatres across Canada.

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