It's only been a few months since internet sensations Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau announced their new relationship to fans, but things are moving very quickly for them. Yesterday was Mongeau's 21st birthday, and her boyfriend surprised her with a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon SUV, and another major present. YouTubers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau announced their engagement but Twitter is convinced they're lying.

The news came straight from Mongeau this morning, with a series of tweets. "JAKE JUST PROPOSED", she tweeted. "i’m....... engaged..................".

News of the engagement instantly blew up the internet, although a lot of people are skeptical about whether it's true or not. Let's be real, YouTube stars will do anything for clout these days, and we've seen the kinds of videos that Jake Paul makes.

Although it's hard NOT to be skeptical about this, Tana posted some pretty serious proof on her Instagram story, including a proposal cake and an engagement ring, which is bigger and more boujee than any of us could have imagined.

At this point, it's really hard to say what's true and what isn't, but one thing's for sure - Jake and Tana have people talking, as per usual. It's totally apparent that Jake has serious feelings for Tana, you don't just buy a $124,000 G-Wagon for someone you "kind of like", especially if they don't even have their license.

If you follow Mongeau on social media, you probably know that she just recently got out of a relationship with fellow YouTube star Brad Sousa. Mongeau has kept plenty of photos of her and Sousa up on Insta but changed the captions to let fans know he cheated on her, and people are living for it.

It's entirely possible that Mongeau has found happiness with Paul, and they very well could be engaged. For now, though, I think it's best to remain a BIT skeptical until we hear more news and can ensure this isn't just a scam for more views.

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