Zac Efron is officially off the market, sorry ladies. When we think about Zac's past relationships, probably the only one that comes to mind is Vanessa Hudgens. We wanted them to end up together so it would be a Disney fairytale, however, things didn't work out and they both moved on. Zac Efron has a new girlfriend, and you'll definitely recognize her

Zac Efron is very private when it comes to his personal life. Aside from sharing a few things like his knee surgery and hiking with his little brother, he doesn't share much on what's going on in his day to day. However, he has recently been seen with a new girl, and it's definitely his new girlfriend. 

Does the name Sarah Bro sound familiar? If not, then it might when I explain who she is. Sarah Bro is an Olympic swimmer and competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics. She's from Denmark, and although it's not known how the two met, they've been hanging out a lot recently. 

On March 1st, Both Zac and Sarah Instagrammed at a hockey game, and their seats were obviously right beside each other. The next day, they were photographed sitting beside each other at UFC 235 fight in Las Vegas. I mean, this is definitely not a coincidence, right? When they were photographed, they were both smiling super big and laughing, so they were obviously having a great time. 

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While Zac doesn't follow Sarah on Instagram, she follows him. This doesn't mean a lot since he's not following a ton of people, but as soon as he hits that follow button, I guess we can say it's *confirmed*. Either way, they look super happy together, so we're definitely here for it. 

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