Dating has changed a lot over the last 10 years. With the addition of technology in our lives that is becoming increasingly important, people are becoming more disconnected to each other than ever before. 

A lot of people could argue that technology is the only problem with dating today, but it's much more complicated than that. Some of the differences between dating in 2007 and 2017 are painfully obvious, but some of them you might not have even thought of before!

If you're single, trying to navigate the dating world today, I'm sure you can relate to at least a few of these struggles. Maybe you'll even feel a little nostalgic for how dating used to be.

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Dating In 2007

- When you were dating someone for a few months, you assumed they weren't dating anyone else 

In 2007, when you were dating someone for a couple months it was kind of assumed that they wouldn't be dating anyone else and that was mostly the case. "The Talk" about where you two stood has always been an important part in relationships but 10 years ago it wasn't so confusing.  

Dating In 2017

- No one is monogamous unless you mutually agree you are 

No one is willing to commit anymore, it's just a fact of dating. We're always looking for the next best thing to come along and when it does we don't want the hassle of having to break up with somebody, we just want to slowly slip away until they get the hint. That's way less messy right? Well, no it isn't. It makes dating so much more complicated and one person is going to get hurt if they care more than the other.

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Dating In 2007

- The man picks you up at your front door for the date

Back in 2007 chances are when you set up a date with a guy he would come pick you up at your front door in his car or a car he borrowed from his friends. Whatever it took to be romantic and to impress you, basically. This was a sweet way to start the date and see what kind of car he drove, if that sort of thing was important to you.

Dating In 2017

- You meet at the restaurant or bar 

In 2017 a guy would never come pick you up at your door, that's just unheard of. You'll discuss where to go over text and then you'll meet there to start the date. This is partly a safety thing though, you don't really want a guy you barely know to know where you live. But it also has to do with romance, which could be slowly disappearing. 

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Dating In 2007

- You would meet in line at a coffee shop or through friends 

If you were dating 10 years ago the easiest way to meet people was either through friends or at a coffee shop, your gym or at a bar. You can obviously still meet people this way but it's definitely not as common. The only way to find someone back then was to actually put yourself out there and talk to someone who you thought was cute when you spotted them.

Dating In 2017

- You meet people through dating apps like Tinder and Bumble

I think we all saw this one coming in this article, but it's just so true. Now people are too afraid to talk to each other in person and our best option to meet people is through crappy dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. The chances you actually meet your next S/O on one of these apps is very slim, you'll most likely end up with a fvckboy that only wants casual hookups... #2017romance. 

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Dating In 2007

- You call each other to set up your next date 

In 2007, texting was a thing but it was still pretty new and people didn't use it as obsessively as they do now. If you were dating 10 years ago, the most common way to plan a date was to call up the person you were dating on their home phone, or cell phone if they had one, and set a plan. It took about 5 minutes tops and you could here the expressions in their voice over the phone.

Dating In 2017

- You plan all your dates over text 

In 2017, literally everyone has a smart phone so texting is the easiest way to communicate. You can plan dates through text, flirt through text, and even have sex through text, so why call? You can show how interested you are by responding quick with a flirty response or show you're disinterested by ghosting them completely.

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Dating In 2007

- The man always paid for your drinks or dinner

In 2007 it was a no-brainer that the man would pay for dinner, drinks or whatever it was you were doing on your date. This was a way for the man to show that he had enough financial means to treat his S/O to a nice meal and support them in life, basically. 

Dating In 2017

- Who pays for the date always varies 

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It's definitely nice when the man offers to pay the cheque at dinner but it definitely makes a lot of girls uncomfortable because we can pay now too. It used to be the man supporting the woman but now women are much more capable of supporting themselves so they should 100% pay for a date once in a while, or at least offer to split the bill. 

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Dating In 2007

- Your date consists of going out for dinner and a movie 

In 2007, the ideal date plan was going out for a nice dinner and ending the night with a movie, preferably a RomCom. He would pick you up at your house, you'd enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner and then stroll over to the closest theatre to hold hands in a dark theatre. 

Dating In 2017

- You Netflix and chill 

The most romantic date in 2017 is meeting at each other's apartments to Netflix and Chill. If we're lucky there will be popcorn and pizza involved, if not, we all know how these nights end. 

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Dating In 2007

- You prepare for your date by shaving your legs 

The most important thing to do to prepare for your date back in 2007 was to make sure your legs were shaved, moisturized and super smooth. Then you would dress up and look cute and that's all you needed to do!

Dating In 2017

- To prepare for your date you get a full Brazilian wax, guys included

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By 2017, we all know the struggle of getting a wax before a big date. These days it's almost necessary that you wax everything off, but it's still up to personal opinion, obviously. Some people love getting waxed and others dread the pain that it brings. 

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Dating In 2007

- You would get flowers if a guy liked you 

If a guy liked you after your first date he'd probably do something sweet to show this by buying you a bouquet of flowers. He might present these to you at your door on your second date. This was a cute way to show he was interested and that you were special to him.

Dating In 2017

- You get a d*ck pic if a guy likes you, or just because 

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In 2017 the most romantic a guy will get is sending you a good ol' d*ck pic. Maybe it's because he likes you or maybe he just wants to see it, d*ck pics are still a mystery to us! But honestly, if you're a guy and you're reading this, please stop sending these without warning, at least make sure she wants to receive a pic of your d*ck before you send one next time. 

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Dating In 2007

- Breaking up was always a clean break 

Breaking up was always hard, but back in 2007 at least you could get a clean break from your ex. If you didn't have mutual friends or work in the same place, there were very slim chances you'd run into them again. 

Dating In 2017

- You have to delete them off all social media to get a clean break

The only way to fully escape your ex after a breakup is to delete them off of all your social media accounts. This may seem a bit extreme but it's usually for the best so that you don't end up stalking all their old photos at 3 am one night.

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Dating In 2007

- Sleeping together on the first date usually didn't happen 

Obviously, sleeping together on the first date did happen sometimes, but it wasn't very common. You would usually wait until the third date to see if things were going well until jumping into bed with the person.

Dating In 2017

- Sleeping together on the first date is expected

You can obviously do whatever feels comfortable to you on the first date, and no one should ever pressure you, but sex on the first date has become more and more acceptable and even expected in 2017. 

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