Being in a relationship changes both people involved whether you were expecting to change or not. That's just what happens when you get close to someone and start blending two lives together. 

You start doing things that the other person loves and they start doing the things that you love, and eventually you'll discover things that maybe you never knew you enjoyed doing or things that you definitely don't. 

Girls are all about pushing their guy to try new things, even if it takes some convincing!

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Things They Don't Like

Shopping If He Has To Tell You Every Outfit Looks Good On You

Taking your boyfriend shopping seems like a fun excursion for you, but when they have to sit in the dressing room and tell you every almost identical outfit you put on looks great on you, it can get a little boring. He'll continue do tag along if he really loves you though.

Things He Secretly Likes

Shopping If He Can Spend It Doing His Own Thing

If you're gonna take your boyfriend shopping the best thing to do is let him go free. Send him off to the nearest electronic store, sports apparel store or whatever it is that he's into and choose your outfits on your own. This way you'll both be happy when you leave the mall.

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Things They Don't Like

Doing Crazy Crash Diets With You

Even if your boyfriend has the perfect bod you're definitely going to make him do your next crazy diet with you because moral support, right? He probably doesn't love being forced to eat raw kale for lunch and dinner everyday when he can get away with eating burgers and fries without gaining a pound.

Things He Secretly Likes

Going To Your Exercise Classes

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Sure he might not want to admit that he loves your weekend spin class, mostly girl's weight class or Monday pilates, but he probably does. Most guys love getting their workout in and they'll be surprised how much they'll sweat at one of your exercises classes that are mostly frequented by women.

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Things They Don't Like

Waiting For You To Finish Getting Ready To Go Out

We all know that girls can take forever to finish getting ready for a date. We have to do our hair, makeup and pick an outfit before we're finally ready to leave. Since guys only have to pick an outfit and they're ready to go, they're always going to be waiting for you to finish. But they just have to deal with it.

Things They Secretly Like

Watching Chick Flicks With You

Most guys won't admit it, but they actually kind of like chick flicks. Who doesn't love a good romance story, after all? As long as it's entertaining and has a good story line, your guy is going to watch it and probably enjoy it.

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Things They Don't Like

Going Out To Get The Food You're Craving From The Store

Chances are that whatever it is you're craving is going to kick in in the evening or even at midnight. Since your boyfriend loves you he'll run out to the nearest convenient or grocery store to pick it up for you. But the later it is, the less happy he'll be about it.

Things He Secretly Likes

Killing Small Insects For You

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We all know how terrifying it is to spot one of these, a spider or a cockroach in our own home. But the perk of having a boyfriend is being able to get them to kill it for you. They secretly like doing this for though because it makes them feel manly.

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Things They Don't Like

When You Make Them Clean The Apartment

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This obviously depends on the guy, but most people in general don't like being told to do their chores. So if you tell them they have to clean up the apartment, most likely they're going to be kind of sour about it.

Things They Secretly Like

When You Make Them Put On Face Masks With You

Face masks are literally amazing, every girl knows this. They make your skin feel smoother, more moisturized and leave it looking brighter and clearer. Most guys would be too embarrassed to put on a face mask on their own even though they actually do like it, but with their girlfriend they have an excuse.

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Things They Don't Like

Going To Your Family Dinners

Yes, going to family dinners occasionally is super important when you're in a relationship. But you should remember to put the emphasis on occasionally. He most likely doesn't want to be going to a weekly family dinner, maybe once a month or so.

Things They Secretly Like

Taking Selfies With You

Most guys wouldn't take selfies on their own, because that's too extra of them. But if he's in a selfie with you it's totally okay! It gives them a chance to show off how good they look and that they have a gorgeous girl on their arm.

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Things They Don't Like

Going For Brunch With Your Friends

Waking up early on a Sunday just to go out to brunch and eat overpriced eggs and avocado probably isn't your boyfriends idea of a good time. But no one can argue with the magic of a Sunday morning mimosa!

Things They Secretly Like

Girl's Nights Out

If he decides to go out with you and your girls he gets the chance to get the inside scoop on how girls party, gossip and how boy talk actually works. If he doesn't he gets the night to either chill at home by himself or have his own night with his boys. It's a win/win situation!

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Things They Don't Like

When You Turn Off His Sports To Watch Reality TV

Sports are seriously a sacred moment for most guys. If you go into the living room and change his sports game to reality TV or anything really, chances are he's going to be very, very angry. 

Things They Secretly Like

Dancing With You 

A lot of guys say they don't like or can't dance, so whenever you ask they'll refuse. But if you persist chances are he'll give in and end up really enjoying himself. Even if you can't dance, dancing is super fun and especially if you have an amazing partner!

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Things They Don't Like

Having To Tell You You Don't Look Fat Every Day 

He fell for you for a reason, and only part of it is your looks. Chances are if you gain a few pounds he won't even notice unless you tell him. So there's no point asking him everyday if you look fat because he obviously doesn't think that you do. Be more confident in yourself! 

Things They Secretly Like

Cooking Dinner For You 

Even if you've both had a very long day at work and you have to beg him to cook dinner for you, chances are he enjoys doing it. Guys love to show off their skills in the kitchen, and if he really loves you then he'll love that his cooking made you happy. 

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Things They Don't Like

When You Make Him Do Things On His Day Off

When girls see a day off coming up in their guy's schedule, they instantly think that we should fill it with fun things that they never get to together. It makes sense in our minds, but most guys want to chill and have time to themselves when they finally get time off. 

Things They Secretly Like

Telling You He Loves You Everyday 

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He may act annoyed you when you ask him multiple times a day how much he loves you, but he secretly enjoys telling you every time! 

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