Makeup can be an amazing thing and is an art in itself. Though things can go wrong and can ruin a perfectly good makeup look fast. Luckily, a lot of the biggest blunders makeup lovers face are easy fixes that can be prevented with the switch of a product or technique! So get ready to witness some serious makeup fails, and how to fix them! 

1. Foundation with SPF 

While SPF is great for protecting your face when the sun is out, it is something you should avoid at all cost when it starts to get dark and flash cameras start coming out. Regardless of whether you use a setting powder, if you use a foundation with SPF, or any product with SPF for that matter, it will flashback when you take photos. So while you should definitely be wearing SPF during the day, make sure to skip it and any foundations that contain it when you go out! 

2. Ultra bright under eye 

Concealer is a great way to bring depth to your face by highlighting your under eyes and higher points of your face, but it can also go sour quick. With choosing a shade thats too light for you, not only does it make you appear older by accentuating fine lines but it also creates an unnatural contrast between where you applied the concealer and where your foundation is. To avoid this, choose a concealer that is only 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone! 

3. Over contouring

Over contouring in general is a waste of makeup product. To get the desired effect you want on your skin, you don't need to be drawing super thick lines all over your face with a contour stick, surprisingly less is more! So next time you pick up a contour stick opt to take a bit of the product from the stick with a duo fibre brush so that you are applying less product. You're skin will thank you! 

4. High coverage foundation 

High coverage foundation has it's time and place but most people do not need a foundations with crazy coverage, even if you have acne! By wearing higher coverage foundation on top of high coverage concealer the possibility that your makeup is going to bunch up and get cakey becomes practically inevitable. If you need the coverage, opt to use a foundation with lighter coverage as a base then spot conceal with a high coverage concealer! Not only is it going to feel lighter and more comfortable on the skin, but it will look a lot better in photos and in person! 

5. Not putting foundation on your ears/neck

I mean, the photo above is reason enough why you should never neglect your neck and your ears. A lot of people talk about making sure to put foundation on your neck but the ears as you can see are just as important! Even if your foundation is the exact same shade as your neck, its important to bring it down your neck and onto your ears because foundations can oxidize and change the longer you wear it.  

6. Using "ultra HD" setting powders

James Charles, aka "Flashback Mary" has turned into the global ambassador for making sure you set your face with the proper powder. This photo isn't edited or retouched, the stark white cast is all because of the powder he used. Crazy right?! So next time you head over to Sephora or Shoppers, avoid "HD" powders like the NYX HD Finishing Powder and MUFE HD Setting Powder if you are going to be taking flash photos. 

7. Using too much highlighter

Highlighter can be an amazing thing, but it also can go very bad very quickly. While "highlighting to the gods" is a huge trend right now, it's a practice you should be very cautious with. Over highlighting can not only cause a stark line of highlight that becomes very obvious and unnatural looking on your face. It also can accentuate pores and fine lines in the areas you apply it, so apply with caution! 

8. Skipping powder

If you have extremely dry skin, I totally get it, skipping powder is sometimes necessary. Though if you have combo or oily skin, you definitely should make sure to at least set your T-Zone even if you are wearing matte foundation. Not only is it going to prevent your foundation from shifting and travelling all over your face, but it's also going to make sure you don't get oily throughout the day/night. 

9. Not focusing on lashes

Eyeshadow is a great way to make a look very dramatic, but when you do a dark dramatic look, it's important to make sure you use either a really good mascara or put on falsies. The reason is primarily because if you are wearing a dark dramatic look, your lashes will literally disappear if you aren't wearing a good mascara or falsies. Lashes can make or break a makeup look a lot of the time, so many sure to pay attention to them! 

10. Butt hole lips

Liquid lipstick has been and continues to be a huge trend in makeup. While the product is long wearing and reliable, it is very easy to end up with butt hole lips by the end of the night. A way to cure the dreaded crusty lips is to apply a moisturizing balm before you even apply the lipstick, a lot of people swear by Vaseline. This way there is a moisturizing barrier between your lips and the product so they don't dry out as quickly! 

11. Not setting your mascara

Mascara transfer is the absolute worst, and if you didn't know- you can actually set your mascara just like your foundation so that it doesn't move or transfer! All you have to do is take a small eyeshadow brush with some setting powder of your choice and just tap it on the tips of your eyelashes. It's a fool proof way to make sure you don't get raccoon eyes by the end of the night! 

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