Everyone wants flawless makeup and perfect skin. While beauty YouTubers and Instagrammers are constantly promoting different products that worked miracles for them, sometimes (actually a lot of the times) you find yourself hating the product and wondering, but why? But how?

The math is simple, different skin care products work for different people because everyone has different skin types. You already knew this. While your best friend loves using Fenty's Pro Filtr Foundation, you can't wait to return it because your skin is dry AF and that ish dries you out like crazy.

So instead, what you need is to go back to the basics. Here are 11 universal beauty secrets that every woman needs to know. From how to keep and store your makeup and skin care under the best conditions so they last a lifetime to all the things you should do and avoid to achieve beautiful, flawless skin. Here are the secrets revealed.

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1. Don't store your makeup in the bathroom

I'm totally guilty of storing my makeup in the bathroom, but according to dermatologists, the warm and humid conditions of your bathroom during and after showers or baths can make your makeup expire more quickly. It's better to store your daily makeup in your bedroom instead.

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2. Store your less frequently used creams and serums in the fridge.

According to StyleCaster, it's best to store any creams, eye creams or serums in the fridge as it will allow for a longer shelf life. It's also especially good for eye creams as the cooling sensation reduces puffiness under the eyes. But please don't put oils, pressed powder, lipsticks or eyeliners in the fridge.

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3. Always, always, always use sunscreen.

Remember when your mom used to slap on the sunscreen to your face and body, well... mother knows best because sunscreen is vital to your skin care. Kim Kardashian's LA-based dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer, recommends that sunscreen of SPF 30+ be worn daily to prevent the skin from UV damage, aging and unwanted dark spots.

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4. Don't wear makeup to the gym. Just don't.

I know it's hard to resist putting on a bit of makeup for your cute workout selfie, but you probably already knew this one. Working out in your makeup is truthfully speaking, a crime against your skin... the worst culprit: foundation. Sweat mixed in with makeup creates perfect conditions for acne to appear. So just don't.

If you absolutely cannot resist, then go for a super light BB Cream or a water-proof, silicone-based mascara at most. Make sure that you cleanse your face thoroughly immediately after if you decide to break a sweat with makeup on your face. Or just use the cute puppy filter.

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5. Regularly clean the things that touch your face.

Your phone is probably one of the dirtiest things you own and you definitely carelessly throw it on your bed and slap it against your face all the time. Make sure you regularly cleaning the things that constantly touch your face, like your phone and your pillowcase. Dr. Harold Lancer recommends washing or changing your pillowcase once a week and cleaning your phone with cleansing wipes.

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6. Avoid touching your face as much as possible.

Your fingers have been everywhere and you know it. Try to avoid touching your face as much as you can with unwashed hands as you can easily transfer bacteria to the skin and cause breakouts.

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7. Never ever sleep in your makeup.

This one is also pretty obvious, but even on the nights when you're drunk AF and literally can't, even on the nights when you're tired AF and literally can't, even on the nights when you've had amazing sex and just want to cuddle bae until you fall asleep... don't. Make sure you wash your entire face thoroughly before hitting the hay. Sleeping in your makeup will clog your pores and cause breakouts.

If you still literally can't, keep some makeup wipes by your bed and at least take your foundation off.

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8. Say goodbye to hot baths and showers.

Okay we don't actually mean goodbye because we know everyone loves a nice long hot bath or shower after a day's worth of work. But anyone who loves their skin anymore should try to avoid showering in overly hot water as it can dry out and damage your skin over time. Instead, just go with a moderately warm temperature.

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9. Don't exfoliate if you have acne.

According to Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Christie Kidd, you should never exfoliate your skin if you have active acne. Using face scrubs will only lead to more irritation and worse inflammation. But DO exfoliate regularly if your skin is acne free.

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10. Don't overuse pore strips.

While pore strips are super fun to use because you get to see all the little white heads stick to the strips, using them too much can actually result in enlarged pores. Instead, it's better to lightly steam your face in the shower, sauna, or over a facial steamer to naturally open up the pores, use a cleanser to clear out the pores, and then apply a cooling toner to close them up.

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11. Good makeup means nothing without good skin.

We're obsessed with high coverage foundations and concealers that will give the best, flawless finish - I'm totally guilty of that - but really the most important thing is finding a skincare routine that works for you and also allowing your skin to breathe once in a while. Try skipping foundation and just using concealer some days, or using a tinted moisturizer instead. At the end of the day, the better your skin looks, the better your makeup will look.

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