Turning down guys can be a hard thing to do. Yes we do appreciate that you admire our beauty and silky smooth hair, but you just don't make the cut for us. Finding the right guy only gets harder when we have to go through the ones we don't want so it's just better to avoid them altogether.

Don't get us wrong but, sometimes it's hard to turn a nice guy down because simply know it's just not going to work. Instead of saying 'no', it seems much kinder to give a reason, or basically anything where we don't have to blatantly let you down. So here's a few excuses that we have just to let you nice guys down lightly.

1. "I like you as a friend."

This is an ultimate friend zone hint. If she says this do not continue pursuing her, I repeat, MISSION ABORT!

2. "Sorry, I have a boyfriend."

This is something a girl says when she either actually has a boyfriend, or she just foresees you as the stubborn type who just won't simply take no for an answer. Imaginary boyfriend > you. 

3. "I'm trying to focus on myself, not a relationship."

This is usually said when she knows you won't add any value in your life or contribute to her hustle. So that's why she'd rather focus on herself, but on the flip side it can just be a plain and simple excuse to avoid saying no. 

4. "My career comes first."

This one's normally said by the busy body. She probably has a Bluetooth on her ear, and tuned out to half of what you were saying when answered a business call. Either way, it's still an excuse and she's just not into you.

5. "You're my best friend and I don't want to ruin that."

Okay, so if she says this there's an 85 per cent chance that she actually doesn't want to ruin your friendship, well since you guys are best friends. If she's known you for a long time and has chosen not to make a move, she wasn't interested from the very start hun!

6. "I have a cute friend that would look adorable with you."

When she says this, she feels that this is a clear indicator that you're not her type, and she is being kind enough to go out of her way to find your type. It helps you find someone and plus it keeps you out of her DMs.

7. "You can follow me on Instagram."

This is said when she has absolutely no cause or care to even text you, so that when you ask for her number the most polite thing she can tell you is to just follow her on the gram. This does not guarantee a follow back as well, ouch!

8. "My friends don't think it'll work out."

Oh yea, it's totally because of her 'friends'. Friends are proven as the ultimate scapegoat because you probably won't even bother to question them. It carries that "you can't sit with us" type of vibe. 

9. "I don't have time for relationships."

Lies, lies, lies. She doesn't have time for YOU more specifically. She'd rather spend her time binge watching Netflix with a bag of salt and vinegar chips. Salty and bitter!

10. "You're like a brother to me."

Okay so this beats the friend zone by miles, and if you got in there i'm afraid that there's no escaping. This one hurts deep, and is more painful to accept than a simple 'no'. 

11.  "Sorry, i'm PMSing."

This excuse is from the girl that accidentally says something harsh and tries to retract it back easily. Hey, our time of the month can sometimes get the best of us! It's also a good excuse for getting out of a one night stand that will be regretted in the morning.

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