Urban Dictionary is the place where people go to reveal their inner real, savage thoughts on pretty much anything and everything. It's an online dictionary website where all words and phrases are defined by users who submit self-made definitions. Other users can either like or dislike their definitions. 

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Many Canadians have been defined on Urban Dictionary and let's just say, the Internet has been savagely roasting several of them. We have rounded up the most hilarious and brutal definitions, so try not burst out laughing when you read them. 

People are known for unleashing their most savage thoughts on Urban Dictionary, and there's clearly no room for Canadian politeness in some of these definitions. Check out how some of the most iconic Canadians, from Drake to Justin Trudeau, Justin Bieber and more have been defined on Urban Dictionary.

Based on the Urban Dictionary definitions, there are some celebs that people are proud to call fellow Canadians and there are others that people wish did not share the same nationality. 

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"The end of rap. If you thought that lil wayne was bad, wait until you hear what this p*ssy is spitting. His raps are usually slow and are all about love, he doesn't even deserve the title rap, he's a POP piece of sh*t." - by sonofthepotatoe666WTF, 591 likes

"Another Young Money garbage 'rapper'... Why is he popular? #1. his fan base is full of 12-14 yr old girls." - by alexx93, 1639 likes

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Justin Bieber

"Disgrace to Canada. Annoying Fan: OMG, Canada's teen pop sensation, Justin Bieber is soooooo f*cking sexy. Me: The music scene of Canada has lost all credibility." - by live in halifax? you know me!, 14488 likes

"Proof that you don't need talent to become a singer" - by DiamondRio, 6075 likes

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Justin Trudeau

"He does have nice hair but is neither genius nor b*stard enough to match Macdonald, King, Chrétien, or his father." - by Oil Can Harry, 131 likes

"The newest, worst disaster to hit Canada." - by TheHonestCanadian, 53 likes

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Shawn Mendes

"A famous viner who also happens to be gorgeous, lovely, cute, hot, kind and an AMAZING singer. He is a Magcon boy who is friends with the likes of Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier and Jack Johnson (more fit boys). There are no words to describe how perfect he is." - by CartBrentCamNashTayHayeShawMat, 2187 likes

"a motherf*cking sex god that fell from the heavens and straight into my pants. He seems innocent on the streets, but he wild in the sheets." - by shwnmndslover, 897 likes

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The Weeknd

"Slang for a beautiful and cool man who has impressive singing abilities and better than justin Bieber in all categories." - by The Weeknd XO, 95 likes

"His music involves a cool smugness, a lot of sex, a fun addiction to various drugs and lean, trippy ass beats, a sensual voice, and the explosion and/or convulsions of ovaries across the world." - by dryb0nez, 1332 likes

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Ryan Reynolds

"See also: Douche or Tool. Ryan Reynolds is the tooliest tool in all of doucheland." - by NiggerMutilator, 697 likes

"2)He is a God among men.
3)Even he makes fun of Green Lantern... because we all know it was a sh*tstorm.
4)He is f*cking hilarious.
5)He is married to Blake Lively and we are all secretly jealous.
6)Follow him on Twitter... Like really guys it is worth it.
7)He fought to have FOX make the Deadpool movie for 10 years at the request of the internet.
8)When Deadpool was finished being filmed he STOLE THE F*CKING SUIT. Why? CAUSE WHY THE F*CK NOT?" - by TheKingLives, 50 likes

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Avril Lavigne

"A singer that is so talented and clever, that she has the ability to rhyme "home" with 'home.' Avril Lavigne: 'She want's to go home, but nobody's home.' Great job Avril, great job." - by seth_cohen_fan , 9531 likes

"The self-proclaimed Sid Vicious for a new generation, quite accurate considering they are both untalented musicians who concentrate more on image and try their best to look "rebelious" "badass" and "punk rock" and was marketed and chosen by the establishment to make money off of kids trying to be "rebelious" "badass" and "punk rock". Avril Lavigne: "I'm the Sid Vicious for a new generation." - by semen_pants, 1033 likes

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Michael Buble

"Very talented singer who just might destroy every other guy's chances of getting laid. What? Michael Bublé is still in this planet? Oh come on!!!" - by Eli Buendia, 538 likes

"A Canadian singer with a voice of pure and utter sex! This mans voice is orgasmic. He's totally down to earth in a "i know im hot but im still modest" kinda way." - byDrinFace, 85 likes

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"the act of willfully allowing one's ears to bleed." - by aqueoustrans, 4128 likes

"a shitty band, the lead singer seriously needs a cough drop and is the ugliest fucker i have ever seen" - by mimi-amie, 2318 likes

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Celine Dion

"Canada's most infamous export. Now in Vegas where she belongs. We don't want her back. Las Vegas is 100% fake, so Celine Dion will fit in perfectly." - by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv, 654 likes

"The only thing for which most Canadians apologize to America for on a daily basis. Canadian: Celine Dion is an ugly b*tch. We're sorry for letting her leave the country." - by AJAW, 440 likes

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Pamela Anderson 

"Tommy Lee's sperm bank." -Anonymous, 2155 likes

"Everyone says that Pam Anderson would be nothing without her tits. That is just not true... She'd be Paris Hilton. As told by Sarah Silverman on the roast of Pam Anderson." - by foo bear, 2055 likes

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