There are so many things we all have left to accomplish, but have you ever stepped back and thought about what exactly you should have accomplished by a certain age? I have, but this time I turned to science to give me a little bit of insight.

Science is a funny thing, and experts are crazy, but sometimes they seem to be the ones that know best. As a 22 year old girl these claims from science about what I should have accomplished in a few years is kinda scary, but really intriguing; BUT don't worry if you are nowhere near what this list tells you. We all have our own pace, science just likes to show off!

Remembering unfamiliar names

Ever meet that random person at the coffee shop or even at a bar and as soon as you walk out you think, "damn, what was his name?" well, don't worry by the time you hit your late 20's, that will be a breeze. 

Earn a steady wage

You might be in a steady full time job right now, whatever it may be. By the time you hit your later 20 years, science says that you will be earning a steady wage. This will aid in whatever it is that your heart desires, so go you! (if you aren't there yet, don't worry- like I have said, we all have our own pace!)

Managing finances

Right now, finances are a joke for us young ones- at least most of us. We are TERRIBLE at saving. Many living alone know how hard it is to save, even when we want to. Lucky for us, science thinks we will get better. By the time you are in your late 20s you have had enough money troubles that it will force you to learn how to manage those finances, and you will be better for it!

Settle down

This is the ideal time to settle down. It is said that by this point in your life you have met enough people to have options on who you can marry. Plus, studies also say that the lowest divorce rates are for people who are married between 28 and 32- so if you're 22 like me, don't worry. You have a few years till you hit the sweet spot of finding "the one" and staying with them forever!

Have your first kid

OKAY. First we talk marriage, now we are talking kids. Scientific studies are basically your grandma's weapons to use against you at family dinner. We all have been there, and continue to be so, you are not alone. According to science, your late 20s are an ideal time to have your first child (if you even want kids, anyway).

Run a marathon 

If you have yet to run a marathon, a study has shown that 28 is THE age to run one. It is the average to complete a race in just under two hours. So start training young ones, because in a few years you will be marathon ready!  

Buy your first house or flat

Sitting in your early 20's this might be the funniest thing you read as you down yet another box of KD, and struggle to pay rent. There is hope though my friends! According to studies, after you hit the later 20s you will actually be able to put down a down payment on your very own place! There is light at the end of that KD.

Have an sex at 3pm

Let me explain! Studies show that in your 20s your peak energy point is at 3 in the afternoon, and because of that it is the ideal time to have sex. So, if you needed a reason to get in a quickie at the most random time of the day, science can back you up!

Learn a new language

By the time you are 30, learning a new language will be a lot easier than it will be to after the fact. By this point, your brain can process and pick up another language, in fact you start developing this ability after you turn 7!

Be satisfied with your life 

Despite the ups and downs we will or are encountering, a German study in 2013 found that by the time you are 23, struggles aside, people are the most satisfied with their lives at that point. So really, things can only go up from wherever you might be right now.

Brain processing power

In a cognitive science study it was found that before you hit the 30 mark, your brain will have the ability to process hard puzzles and problems. You will be able to convert the hardest issues into simpler terms in order to get a better understanding of them, and will also be able to explain it to others.

SourceBusiness Insider

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