Kylie Jenner, Shay Mitchell, and Kim Kardashian - what do they all have in common? Their makeup is always on point, all the time. And how you ask? They share the same makeup artist who goes by the name Ariel Tejada, or MakeupbyAriel.

Ariel was first discovered by Kylie Jenner through Instagram. The 20-year old makeup mogul found Ariel back in April 2015 when he was only 19, and he's been doing Kylie's makeup ever since. He is currently only 22, but slaying the celebrity makeup game.

While he doesn't have any YouTube beauty tutorials, he does collaborate with Shay Mitchell on her channel, as well as post on his own Instagram about his looks. If you want to achieve makeup looks as skilful as Ariel, then here are some of his tips you have to know about makeup!

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1. Getting the perfect brow.

Start by filling in the top of the brow for a more natural effect only using soft strokes. Lightly carve out the brows using a concealer and then set underneath and on the brows with a translucent setting powder. Ariel likes using Laura Mercier's Translucent Loose Setting Powder.

2. For the perfect highlighted concealer.

Always apply concealer after foundation to avoid smudging and blending out the concealer onto places you don't need it.

3. For poutier lips.

If you want sexy, pouty Kylie Jenner lips, give yourself a feline lip on the outer corners, then gradually start to overdraw the lip line just slightly at the centre of the lips, towards the cupids bow and the middle of the lower lip.

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4. For the poutiest of pouty lips.

If you have extra time, using multiple shades of a similar colour on the lips can create an even fuller look. Starting from darkest shade at the outer edges and layer the lip colours working towards the centre with a lighter shade can create a poutier lip.

5. Making sure your lipstick doesn't bleed.

If you want a very clean looking lip line, always use concealer to clean up the outer edges of the lips.

6. Always do your makeup with a light hand.

Always do your makeup with a light hand and go slowly! This will give you the most flattering finish that looks natural and won't tug on the skin potentially creating wrinkles.

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7. The importance of eye cream.

Ariel always uses eye cream beneath the eyes before applying concealer as this helps hydrate and moisturize the skin and reduce wrinkles and lines. His favourite is La Mer's The Eye Concentrate.

8. Always blend down the neck.

When wearing lower cut shirts, always blend your foundation down the neck and decolletage area. Even a little on the ears if you like to keep your face and body looking the same shade.

9. How to properly bake under the eyes.

When baking, avoid putting powder directly underneath the eyes as it can settle into fine lines and accentuate wrinkles. Make sure to leave a small space between your eyes and the area you're baking.

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10. How to properly bake the jawline.

When baking along the jawline, it always helps to give a little no-teeth smile and use the edges of your lips as a guideline for baking.

11. Bring back brightness to a smoky eye.

When doing a smoky eye look, using a bronze eyeliner to tightline the upper and lower waterline brings back luminosity and brightness to the eyes, especially if you have brown eyes.

12. How to get perfect glowy skin.

Using a liquid illuminator underneath your foundation gives your skin a beautiful, glowy finish. You can also mix a bit of beauty oil in with your foundation so that it glides more smoothly on your skin.

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