Urban Dictionary is an online dictionary used to define slang words and phrases. On the website, users submit self-made definitions and others can dislike or like their posts. The definitions on the site are known for being hilarious and crude. Oh, and users are known for not holding back when submitting their controversial definitions. 

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Some users decided to describe Canadian things like provinces, Canadian slang terms, and even a few celebrities and we've created a list of the best ones.

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Curious to see how different Canadian things are defined on Urban Dictionary? Check out some of the most savage and hilarious Canadian descriptions and all the iconic things that make up our country.


"A great way to get your ass out of a sling if you are an American visiting a hostile foreign country. Afterall, who hates Canadians?" - by Dick driller, 1732 likes 

"An unarmed American with healthcare." - by hiqwertyhi, 376 likes

Tim Hortons 

"The primary destination in the morning for 80% of Canada's adult population. Every community should have a minimum of two Tim Hortons. You go there so often, the employees already know what to order." - by canadianguyeh, 234 likes

"A cult religion based on caffeine and baked goods. I swear they put something in that coffee." - by Beth Robertson, 799 likes 


"Most people from other parts of Canada think Ontarians are arrogant wankers that would sell their own mother for a quick buck or a blow job. However, most of these criticisms come from people with small penises and no balls." - by stewie, 1143 likes

"A really bland province in Canada. Ontario’s culture is rooted in p*ssy loyalists that were too cowardly to stand up to the British during the American Revolution." - by Just don't like lame places, 106 likes


British Columbia 

"Only province in Canada that Americans find worthwhile to visit. Only province in Canada where it takes 30 minutes to get from the beaches to the snow capped mountains. Makes Americans wonder what the other Canadians are doing out in Alberta and Ontario. Locals like to show off by windsurfing and snowboarding in the same day, just because they can." - by bill_y, 515 likes 

"Land of weed and hippies." - by Pillowpantsjoe, 47 likes


"Land of beautiful women, inexpensive hard liquor and polar bears." - by asef, 9433 likes

"1) Where 14-year-old girls can walk home alone at 11:00pm. 2) Where Smarties and Tim Hortons live. 3) Place where snow may fall in the Summer. 4) Hella great place." - by A Canadian, 1900 likes

Justin Trudeau

"He does have nice hair but is neither genius nor bastard enough to match Macdonald, King, Chrétien, or his father." - by Oil Can Harry, 131 likes

"The newest, worst disaster to hit Canada." - by TheHonestCanadian, 53 likes


"The French speaking part of Canada that the rest of Canada hates." - by Guns and God, 63 likes

"Their ancestors were French from France, but they we're conquered in 1759 by England because France army sucked ass. People from Quebec are kinda patriotic and that's why they want to show who they are to the rest of Canada." - by Charlie, 1035 likes


"The end of rap. If you thought that lil wayne was bad, wait until you hear what this p*ssy is spitting. His raps are usually slow and are all about love, he doesn't even deserve the title rap, he's a POP piece of sh*t." - by sonofthepotatoe666WTF, 591 likes

"Another Young Money garbage 'rapper'... Why is he popular? #1. his fan base is full of 12-14 yr old girls." - by alexx93, 1639 likes



"A Quebec (or French-Canadian) staple, a dish of homemade french fries topped with white cheddar cheese curds and beef gravy (wannabes and some americans have been known to serve this dish with any cheese and turkey gravy)." - by Discofunk, 822 likes

"A dish originating in canada, which is possibly the only thing they have that will kill you." - by theanongame, 97 likes


"An interjection popular in Canadian speech. According to linguists, a "politeness marker." - by K.M. Mennie, 1038 likes

"A word used to make someone agree with you, also many americans think canadians say it in every sentance while americans say it just as much as canadians." - by Anonymous, 326 likes

Justin Bieber

"Disgrace to Canada. Annoying Fan: OMG, Canada's teen pop sensation, Justin Bieber is soooooo fucking sexy. Me: The music scene of Canada has lost all credibility." - by live in halifax? you know me!, 14488 likes

"Proof that you don't need talent to become a singer" - by DiamondRio, 6075 likes

Toronto Maple Leafs 

"1) Toronto's NHL franchise. 3) A group of gritty, tough-as-nails men responsible for the anal penetration/spanking of 20 Ottawa Senators every year come playoff time." - by Janko, 1066 likes

"Three words ... Nineteen Sixty Seven. "The Toronto Maple Leafs haven't won a cup since when?" "1967" "Wow, that's a long time ago" "No kidding". - by Hockey Fan, 381 likes


"The Texas of the North. Oil, cows, and redneck politicians? But cold? Must be Alberta." - by Echelon, 1794 likes 

"The Texas of Canada. Full of hard nosed blue collar conservatives that are rich in oil. The only province, territory, or state in North America that is so economically powerful it could be its own nation." - by Tokey41, 205 likes


"Vancouver-based maker of the tightest pants on the face of the planet. Possibly has something to do with yoga. Definitely has something to do with horribly attractive girls with nice asses. These pants will ruin your concentration. The logo at the back is hypnotic." - by spookytooth, 580 likes

"Skin tight workout clothes that women wear, no matter what shape or size. For some reason most woman think the pants are flattering." - by joceycakes, 141 likes

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