Hello to fall aka the coziest season of them all. Summer is gone (still not over it) and winter is slowly making its presence known. With colder weather and sweater weather upon us, it can be hard to resist the urge to stay warm and cozy inside and just Netflix and chill. 

Date nights and going out is so much fun, but other times, all you wanna do after a long week is cuddle on the couch under a blanket and do nothing but have a drink, watch some movies and eat buttery popcorn. Plus, one of the great things about having a significant other is that you always have a Netflix buddy. But deciding what to watch is completely different topic. 

There are so many romantic comedy essentials that, whether you're a rom com fan or not, everyone should watch at least once. Get ready for lots of laughs, love, and also sometimes a lot of cheesiness. But rest assured you'll always be left with a good happy feeling after the movie (ahh the cheesiness is already coming out).

Your boyfriend may not be the biggest fan of rom coms, but you never know, this list might just change his mind. And if he is a fan, well then lucky you because no need to convince him to make it through this bucket list. You won't be stuck scrolling through the categories on Netflix for your next night in with this list. Sidenote: there are tons of amazing rom coms still out there but this list can't be like a hundred pages yenno.

P.S. we promise no spoilers!

What are you looking for?

1950s to 1999



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1950s to 1999

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When Harry Met Sally

Here's a long debated question: can guys and girls really just be friends? Find out in this quintessential romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal that explores a 11 year friendship. Who knows, maybe you'll even learn how to escape the friend zone. 

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The Princess Bride

This is a classic rom com that combines the best of action, romance, and comedy — all the elements for a good great film. Everything about this movie, from the story, the setting to the characters will lowkey capture your heart. Fun fact: they even did all their own stunts!

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Never Been Kissed

This movie starring Drew Barrymore will give you all those nostalgic 90's feels. A copy editor who has never been kissed goes undercover at a high school. Will she finally have her first kiss? Watch and find out... Also see James Franco and Jessica Alba in their cute teenage form.

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10 Things I Hate About You

This is a staple high school film with Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon Levitt in their teenage glory. 10 Things I Hate About You is based upon Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. Also the paintball date is the cutest scene and Heath Ledger as Patrick rejecting kissing the girl because she was too drunk is an example we need in more movies.

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She's The Man

One of the films that first debuted Channing Tatum in all his beautiful glory. And if that's not enough reason to watch it (unlikely), this hilarious movie based on a Shakespeare play will have you quoting it for days. Plus watch a girl challenge the sexist norms at her school.

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Legally Blonde

A rom com classic. Watch Reese Witherspoon kill it throughout the entire film, whether it's as a fashion student in a sorority or a pre-law student at Harvard. 

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Love Actually

Everyone needs to watch this Christmas movie at least once. You'll find out that love (and Christmas) really is all around. And Hugh Grant's dancing skills are a gift to the world. 

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall

For anyone who's had a hard breakup, this witty and sharp movie will hit you right in the feels. Bringing to you the humour of different talented actors and actresses like Jason Siegel, Mila Kunis, Russell Brand, Kristen Bell and more, it's not hard to love this clever and relatable movie. Also if you love Hawaii, you will love the tropical vibes from this movie. 

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How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

In this iconic 2000s rom com, two people think that they're playing the other person, but what they don't know? They're also being played. Watch the dynamic duo that is Kate Hudson and Matthew McCoughnahey as she tries to lose him and he tries to make her fall in love with him. 

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The Holiday

Another Christmas classic that will give you all the holiday feels (pun intended), but more underrated. In this movie, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz switch houses for the holidays. 

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A Cinderella Story

A modern take on Cinderella, watch Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray when they were in (in my opinion) their peak. Sidenote: srsly how could he not tell it was her under that mask?!

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13 Going On 30

This adorable rom com will make you miss your pre-teen years. There's no way the beautiful and talented Jennifer Garner who plays Jenna, a naive and good natured 13 year old in a 30 year old body, won't make you smile during this movie.

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It's the classic guy tries to get a girl that's "out of her league" story, but this time throw in the help of a professional dating coach. It's hard not to root for the sweet as hell main character, played by Kevin James. And seriously who wouldn't want Will Smith as your wingman. Sign us up. 

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The Wedding Planner

For every girl who has Pinterest planned their wedding, you will seriously appreciate this film. Try not to envy her job. Jennifer Lopez plays a wedding planner who falls for the groom of the wedding she is planning. Also the opening scene is perfection. 

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Friends with Benefits

Can people really be friends with benefits without catching feelings? See what happens when an "emotionally unavailable" guy starts sleeping with an "emotionally damaged" girl. 10/10 would fall in love with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis in this modern rom com. 

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La La Land

Musical lovers (and Ryan Gosling fans), this one's for you! This highly hyped and six Oscar award winner has seriously stunning cinematography and a beautiful score. And if you love Los Angeles, the city is it's own character in this film.  

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The Proposal

Get ready to crack up while watching this seriously hilarious film featuring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. When an editor is on the edge of deportation, she convinces her reluctant assistant to be her fiancee. 

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Valentine's Day

Whether you love or hate Valentine's Day, you'll appreciate this rom com with an awesome ensemble cast. Set in L.A., this film explores different stories and relationships on Valentine's Day. P.S. You can even see the "old" Taylor Swift before she "died".

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Crazy Stupid Love

Love makeover films? You're probably used to seeing transformations on girls, but watch Steve Carrell get one (but tbh more in the form of tips on how to wheel girls) from Ryan Gosling after his wife divorces him. The movie also features Ryan Gosling's 64 abs so...

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