So, you flew through Stranger Things 2 and now you don't know what to do with yourself.

While you're waiting for the next best thing to arrive on Netflix, you can cure your Upside Down withdrawals by gifting your loved ones (or yourself) with some Stranger Things-themed goodies.

Here are the best Xmas gifts when it comes to '80s nostalgia and pop culture:

Upside Down Ugly Christmas Sweater

Amazon Canada: $19.99

Blow everyone away at the annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party away with this definitely-not-ugly sweater. It also comes in 12 different colours, one for every day of the 12 Days of Christmas.

Hopper's Rules T-Shirt

Hot Topic: $17-$20

Rule 1: Always keep the curtains drawn.
Rule 2: Only open the door if you hear my secret knock.
Rule 3: Never go outside alone, especially not in the daylight.

"Run" Holiday Necklace

Hot Topic: $9.50

Not exactly cheery but definitely fashionable. It's also under $10 - perfect for a stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift.

Stranger Things Vinyl

Urban Outfitters: $34.98

Chuck out the Christmas CDs and play this on Xmas day instead. Features songs by The Clash, Peter Gabriel, and The Bangles, and even comes with an exclusive mini poster to hang up in your room. Cassette tapes are also available.

Stranger Things T-Shirt

Etsy: $17.94

Plain, simple and to the point. Who wouldn't want this Stranger Things t-shirt?

Stranger Things Ouija Board

Walmart: $24.99

Talk about ultimate nostalgia. If you're brave enough to unlock mysterious secrets from the Upside Down and talk to a few Demogorgon (maybe even Barb), you'll definitely want to get in on this before it sells out. I think we've just found everyone's new, favourite Christmas family game.

Funko Barb Pocket Key Chain

Hot Topic: Was $7.90, now $5.92

Barb may be gone in Stranger Things, but she'll always be in our hearts (and on our keychains). If you're more of an Eleven or Hopper fan, you can get pretty much every other character in key-chain form.

The Book of Barb

Indigo: Was $19.95, now $14.11

For the Barb in all of us. This guidebook for the kind and tragically uncool gives Barb's hot tips on makeup and eyewear (this isn't a joke), as well as her do's and dont's of party attendance (don't sit by the pool on your own at night). You can also find out what Barb keeps in her bag, what she would put on her dream mix tape (if she were alive), and if you're really a Barb or not. There's also a “Which Hawkins High student are you?” quiz. This book is just an all around good time.

Alphabet Lights Bow Tie

Hot Topic: $8.50

Formal nights just got a whole lot fancier. Who doesn't want a Stranger Things-themed bow tie? Pair it with the Upside Down Ugly Christmas Sweater and you've got a real combination.

Notes From The Upside Down

Indigo: Was $22, now $15.74

If you've already devoured Stranger Things on Netflix and you're looking to fill that Eggo-shaped hole in your heart, then look no further. This guide has insights into the origins of the show, a useful eighties playlist and more informative, pop culture info. Also perfect for a friend who has no idea what Stranger Things is and wants to learn.

Hawkins Middle School AV Club Hoodie

Amazon: $36-$38

Convince your friends (and yourself) that you really are from Stranger Things with a Hawkins Middle School hoodie. Comes in five different colours and looks super comfy.

Stranger Things Poster

Amazon: $17.50

The poster is 24x36 inches and is made of "high quality poster paper material", apparently. A great gift for a Stranger Things fan who you would have no idea what else to get for them otherwise.

Dustin's actual Purple Brontosaurus Hoodie (sort of)

Science Museum of Minnesota: $36.95

Earlier this month, the website for the Science Museum of Minnesota crashed because it couldn’t handle the thousands of people trying to get their hands on Dustin's purple Brontosaurus hoodie. It's back up and running now, and they have loads of merch available - including the hoodie. Of course, because it's coming from the Minnesota, you'll have to pay shipping. That's another $18.23, unless you happen to have family in the States that are coming home for Christmas.

Friends Don't Lie Bracelet

Etsy: $14.63

The new "Best Friends" bracelet, and let's be honest, it's way cooler than those half-broken heart necklaces. Or maybe you want to gift it to a friend who *hint hint* lied to you.

Hopper's Coffee Mug

Everyone's new motto: Mornings are for coffee and contemplation. And what better way to contemplate those mornings with a Stranger Things coffee mug?

Dustin Pin

Etsy: $10.00

It's safe to say everyone fell in love with Dustin's character in Stranger Things 2, especially after the Snow Ball scene. When he was left without a dance partner, even after getting advice from resident heartthrob Steve Harrington, hearts everywhere broke for him. If you've got a 'team Dustin' friend, this will probably be the best gift they receive.

Stranger Things Layered Soy Candle

Etsy: $18.00

On a scale of one to 10, this candle is an 11. With a layer of coffee and contemplation, mirkwood and eggos, you can make your home smell like Hawkins, and there's nothing better than that.

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