Canadians are truly a special breed. They may seem a little quirky at times, but beyond their spirited nature is a warmth and kindness that is both admirable and infectious.

If you haven't made any Canadian friends yet, here are 16 solid reasons why you need to do so right now:

1. Their politeness will rub off on you.

You'll be holding the door for someone far, far away in no time.

2. They'll introduce you to new ways of communication.

Whether it be local slang from Toronto and Vancouver or regional slang from different provinces, you'll have lots of fun engaging in Canuck speech.

3. They'll teach you a thing or two about sensible fashion.

Plaid: it's not just warm and comfy, it's super stylish too.

4. They'll show you the ways of Roll Up The Rim.

You may break a tooth, but it's a risk you'll have to take.

5. They're not ones to hold grudges (for the most part).

In fact, saying sorry is one of their favourite pastimes.

6. They'll train you to survive the unsurvivable winters.

You'd be especially lucky to befriend someone from Manitoba.

7. They'll cater to your sweet tooth.

From maple syrup candy to  BeaverTails, you'll eat at your heart out.

8. They'll impart their revered Canadian wisdom to you.

Their useful tips and tricks will change your life.

9. They'll help you improve your tolerance.

Not only for diversity and multiculturalism, but also for coffee and alcohol.

10. They'll go on Timmies runs with you.

You'll go so much that dark roast will eventually not taste like dirt to you.

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11. They'll make you appreciate things you never did before.

If you weren't a hockey fan before, you're going to be now (even if just as a bandwagoner)

12. They'll keep you active and in touch with nature.

There's so much to see in the country, and they'll take you there.

13. They'll help you gain skills you never thought you needed.

Like the proper shovelling technique or how to make a perfect cut on a bag of milk.

14. They'll introduce you to their attractive Canadian friends.

You might just land yourself a Canadian boyfriend or girlfriend.

15. They might be able to teach you a second language.

A lot of Canadians are bilingual.

16. Their parents will gift you all sorts of cool merch.

Expect a closet full of Roots.

17. They'll accept you for who you are.

Because that is the Canadian way.

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