Almost every girl, at one point or another, has complained about how awkward they are. Like when they're out for dinner and they stumble on their words in front of the waiter. Or when they're talking to a guy they like and they complete forget what's socially acceptable to say in front of another human being.

All these things lead us to believe we're super awkward people who should never leave our homes again. But as an awkward girl, these kinds of situations happen on the daily.

We're constantly self aware of what we're saying to others, how other people act in front of us and the kind of behaviours that we do so that we can at least try to tone down the awkwardness.

In the next few pages you'll get a glimpse into the life of an awkward girl when they're alone at home, when they like someone, when they're in public, when they're in a relationship and when they're with their friends.

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What We Do

Do everything you want, but do it naked.

When we're home alone, we never feel the need to put clothes on. When we're at home alone, we're going to do all our favourite things, naked. This includes trying out those tough yoga moves, having a dance party, making breakfast, all of it naked of course.

Why We Do It

Being naked in our own home makes us feel free and comfortable.

Why should we restrict ourselves by wearing uncomfortable jeans in our own home? It's also such a great feeling to just be free and comfortable with our bodies by doing everything and anything we want completely in the nude!

What We Do

Eat everything directly out of the jar with a spoon, or even our fingers.

I think basically every single girl reading this can admit she's eaten peanut butter, Nutella, or even honey straight out of the jar at least once in her life. We usually refrain from doing this when other people are around but it's definitely something that happens pretty often.

Why We Do It

We need our sugar fix as quickly as possible.

Us girls get hit with sugar fixes literally all the time. It could be the morning, afternoon or the middle of the night when a sugar craving hits, we need to satisfy it. The fastest and easiest way to satisfy this craving is eating it right out of the jar withe a spoon.. in bed.. watching Netflix.. naked. Am I right?

What We Do

Watch a lot of questionable TV shows.

A lot of girls can admit that we have some pretty questionable TV habits. We'll binge watch ridiculous shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Say Yes To The Dress, Project Runway and so many more until we pass out at night. I can also admit by guilty TV pleasure is rewatching Gossip Girl, I think I've watched the entire show at least 7 times already.

Why We Do It

These shows are weirdly addicting.

I really don't think I can even explain why we are all  so addicted to these kinds of shows. We know it seems kind of shallow that we love watching the Kardashians bicker for 3 hours straight or why we have to watch 10 different brides to be find their dream dresses. We just do and we're not going to feel guilty about it.

What We Do

Stalk all of our exes, their new girlfriends, and old crushes on social media.

Chances are we're spending at least half of our evenings alone going down a deep dark hole of social media stalking. We'll check out our exes profile, then see that their new girlfriend tagged them in a photo so you stalk her too and then end up at her second cousin that lives in Thailand.

Why We Do It

We can't not do it!

I think everyone here can agree that social media stalking is just so addictive, like those cheesy reality shows that we love. Maybe we take it a little far sometime when we get to that cousin in Thailand, but stalking people can sometimes be cathartic, right?

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What We Do

Overanalyze literally every single thing they say to us.

As an awkward girl, we're going to analyze literally every conversation we have with a guy we like. We'll even analyze their body language, how often they checked their phone and the tone of their voice during the conversation. It's impossible for us to have a conversation with a cute guy and not think about all the things they said and all the wrong things we said too.

Why We Do It

Because we're nervous and hope that you like us back.

The reason we're overanalyzing every little thing we said and you said is because we're really just nervous about if you like us or not. Guys are so hard to read so we think if we analyze every little thing we'll be able to find a clue about how they really feel. This really just makes us slowly go insane and we don't end up finding any answers.

What We Do

Talk way too little or talk way too much, there is no in between.

Awkward girls are notorious for either being a huge blabbermouth or a quiet little mouse when they're talking to someone they like. I usually end up being the quiet one, but that doesn't mean we don't have so much to say!

Why We Do It

We want to cover up how awkward we're feeling.

When we're either being really quiet or being super talkative, it's usually to cover up how awkward we feel in that situation. We don't want you to see how we're really feeling so we'll either bottle it up or letting all of out so you can't see what we're really thinking.

What We Do

We will never, ever make the first move.

Since we're so awkward and it's already been established that we're not confident in our flirting abilities, it's very rare that we'll make the first move. You'll definitely have to ask us out, show that you like us by kissing us first and probably asking us out on a second date. We won't want to do any of that first.

Why We Do It

We won't think you like us until you're very obvious about it.

Awkward girls are super insecure deep down so it's really going to take a while to convince her that you actually like her. If you do, be persistent. Ask her out first, give her a goodnight kiss, text her good morning. All those things will help her know that you actually like her.

What We Do

We'll do really weird things during awkward silences.

If there's an awkward silence happening when we're talking to someone we like, or even just a regular silence, we'll do some pretty weird things to try to fill it. This could include things like chugging our drinks, making really weird jokes, or telling them something super personal about ourselves that they really don't need to know.

Why We Do It

We think silence is truly evil.

When you're an awkward person, silence around someone you like is truly the worst thing that could happen. During an awkward silence we'll start analyzing everything we said, why we said it, if we ruined the conversation completely. All of it is super irrational, obviously, but we'll try to mask this by saying and doing really weird things instead.

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What We Do

We'll purposely try to avoid someone we know when we see them in public.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this, in fact I know I'm not. But when you're out running errands, grocery shopping or whatever and you know you look pretty rough around the edges, chances are you're going to try to avoid that interaction at all costs.

Why We Do It

Being forced into a social situation can never end well.

As incredibly awkward people, we don't like being forced into social situations. It has nothing to do with the person we're running into, we might even really want to talk to them, it can just be nerve wracking if we weren't expecting to have to be social anytime soon.

What We Do

When we run into someone we know we'll panic about whether we should hug them, kiss their cheeks or just wave.

It's always so awkward when you run into someone you know on the street and then suddenly forget how to socially interact in the right way. Do they want you to hug them? Do they go for the cheek kiss but then you go for the double cheek kiss? Should you just give them a polite wave? Greeting people is one of the hardest things for an awkward girl.

Why We Do It

Because we can't help but second guess everything we do.

As an incredibly awkward person, we're going to continuously second guess everything we do in public, well, because we're awkward! Any social situation will be met with some nerves and probably a super awks mixup about how you should be greeting a friend on the street.

What We Do

Having small talk is always so uncomfortable for both parties involved.

Honestly, this meme is basically how any awkward person's small talk will go, every.single.time. It's always super uncomfortable for both parties involved and one of you will end up making some dumb excuse to get out of it as fast as possible, probably them though.

Why We Do It

We're too busy thinking about how awkward we are to make small talk.

As an incredibly awkward girl, we're already very aware of how awkward we are in front of others. That's why making small talk is so hard for us because we're constantly thinking of whether what we're saying is weird, what the other person is thinking and when we can escape so we can't focus on making the small talk into an actually good conversation.

What We Do

If someone at the store is looking at thing we want we'll pretend to look at something else until they leave.

I can't be alone when I say that I do this all the time! It happens basically every time I take a trip to store, whether it be the grocery store, a clothing store or the pharmacy, someone always ends up looking at exactly the thing I want to look up, then it just gets so awkward from there.

Why We Do It

We don't want to be rude and ask them to move.

Instead of just simply saying excuse me and letting them know you're also waiting to look at that item, we'll just pretend we're looking at something else until they leave. This way we don't have to be rude to a stranger by telling them to hurry up, and we only waste a little bit of our own time in the process.

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What We Do

We'll change our outfit 5 times before meeting our S/O's friends.

If we're meeting our S/O's friends for the very first time, chances are we're going to change our outfits at least 5 times. We'll probably end up wearing something a little fancier than we should have with a little too much makeup to go with it.

Why We Do It

We're afraid that they won't like us.

This is an obvious one. Of course we're going to be afraid that our new boo's friends won't like us on the first impression. Since we're generally awkward people, first impressions aren't our strong suit so we want to make sure we get it right.

What We Do

We won't tell you how we feel right away.

It will probably be pretty obvious when something is bothering us, but even if you ask us outright, chances are we'll have a really hard time speaking up about our true feelings. Talking about feelings is never an awkward girl's best trait.

Why We Do It

We'd rather please you than be honest about how we feel or what we want.

Instead of telling you if something is bothering us or if we want you to change something, we'll keep it all bottled up inside until it absolutely has to come out. This way we don't have to deal with an awkward conversation that is all about our feelings and we can keep you happy at the same time.

What We Do

We avoid excessive PDA at all costs.

Being an awkward girl, chances are you're not a huge fan of PDA with your significant other. You want to show your affection but you're painfully aware of everyone around you at the same time.

Why We Do It

We don't want others to be uncomfortable.

As an awkward girl, we've basically trained ourselves to be hyperaware of what others are thinking and doing around us. This is why PDA is so hard for us in a relationship. We don't want others around us to feel uncomfortable so we try to avoid it as much as possible.

What We Do

We let our partners do most of the socializing when we're out in public.

In social situations we tend to be incredibly awkward as we went over in the previous page. But if we have a S/O we might end up using them as a sort of crutch in social situations so that they can do all the talking and we can pretend that we're contributing by being there with them.

Why We Do It

We think they'll do a better job at socializing than we will.

We're not super confident in our social abilities as an awkward girl. So when we're in social situations we think that our S/O could do a much better job and keeping the conversation going than we will. But since we're standing beside them it's the same as contributing right?

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What We Do

Lay in bed side by side on your phones for hours.

This is such a common thing that girls end up doing when they're hanging out together. If you're both insanely cozy and just comfortable being silent together and just chilling, this is the best way to spend time with your best friend.

Why We Do It

Because we want to hang out but also to do nothing at the same time.

When we're comfortable with our best friends it's great to be able to just chill and have 0 expectations for doing anything crazy when we're together. Both of us have an understanding that neither of you really want to do anything at all but you still want to hang out together.

What We Do

Tag each other in posts on social media while sitting in the same room with them.

Every girl reading this has to admit that they've done this at least once in their lives. Even if your friend is literally sitting next to you or even just down the hall, we're going to tag them in that meme on Facebook instead of turning your phone around to show them.

Why We Do It

Because we're lazy and tagging them is so much easier.

I have no idea why, but somehow it just makes so much more sense to tag your friend that's 2 feet away from you in a post instead of passing them your phone to look. You'll tag them, tell them to look at your phone and then both proceed to laugh while staring at your phones together.

What We Do

Complain about losing weight while eating junk food together.

This is such a classic girl move: to get to together, complain about how unfit you are and how you really need to lose weight, and then eat their body weight in pizza, chocolate and chips. Did you really expect to get up and go to a spin class together? Nope!

Why We Do It

Talking about bettering ourselves is more fun than actually doing it.

I think we can all agree that eating junk food with your best friends is one of the best feelings in the world. Sure, we'll complain about how we really need to start working out and that you need to lose weight. But sometimes treating yourself is totally fine, especially when you're with you BFF, because they're doing it too.

What We Do

Try on 500 outfits before going out and end up wearing your friend's clothes.

Getting ready to out with your friends will take double the time that you plan it to. You'll end up trying on 500 different outfits and then probably wearing something that your friend owns that's way better than your own clothes. You'll also probably end up wearing all of their makeup too.

Why We Do It

Girls getting ready together are terrible influences on each other.

You you think that girls are super slow to get ready, but it's like 10x worse when it's two friends together. We're just terrible influences on each other since we need our friends reassurance that our outfit looks good and our makeup isn't weird every 5 seconds.

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