Oh, Canada what else is there to say but how amazing you are? Canada is a great country and I think we're all aware of how lucky we are to be living here compared to other countries in the world right now. 

Not only is Canada one of the safest countries in the world we also have the longest coast line in the world, we're a very multicultural country and everyone has a sense of patriotism that never dies. 

I honestly couldn't picture myself living my life anywhere else, but it's not a bad thing to want to experience another country and culture, so maybe it's time for you to make a move! 

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Stay In Canada Forever: You look forward to the changing of the seasons 

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The changing of the seasons is always an exciting time of year. When fall finally hits and the leaves change to the brightest colours you've ever seen, or when winter is ending and the first signs of spring are in the air. Whatever you favourite season is, every time the weather changes is an exciting time of year.

Leave ASAP: The idea of winter sends literal chills down your spine

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Ah yes, winter in Canada. I think most of us have a love/hate relationship with winter because on one hand the snow completely envelope the country in a white blanket of beauty but then you walk outside and the icy wind almost knocks you to the ground. If you're already over the idea of frost bite and mittens, then it might be time consider a move. 

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Stay In Canada Forever: You love spending time admiring the beauty of our environment 

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Canada is known for it's amazing nature from the stunning scenic trails on the East Coast all the way to the ocean views on the West Coast. This country is abundant with nature that's worth stopping to admire for a minute once in a while. 

Leave ASAP: You crave skyscrapers and city life over nature and outdoor adventures

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Sure Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary are all very built up cities that have tons of skyscrapers and city life available but past those 4 there really isn't much else in the way of big city life. If you're craving even more skyscrapers than those 4 cities have to offer then it might be time to pack your bags and move onto somewhere bigger like New York City.

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Stay In Canada Forever: Your favourite foods are poutine and maple syrup 

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Everyone knows that Canada has some pretty unique foods. Some people may think our choice in foods is weird but as Canadians we're very proud of our creations like poutine, pure maple syrup, all dressed chips, coffee crisp chocolate bars and Kraft Dinner. If these are some of your favourite foods that you just can't bear to give up, staying in Canada forever is a very smart idea.

Leave ASAP: You're craving foods that will expand your palette 

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Canada is known to be a very multicultural country so you can find almost every kind of food represented here in some way. However, you'll probably have a hard time finding authentic foods from all over the world, which is expected because the only place you can truly find authentic food is in the country it originated from. If you're looking to expand your palette and eat truly authentic food, it might be time to make a move!

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Stay In Canada Forever: You love exploring our amazing country from coast to coast

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An adventurous spirit is really what makes a true Canadian at heart! You've got to love exploring everything that Canada has to offer because if not, what's the point in living in such a beautiful and diverse country? If you love exploring every inch of this stunning country, then stay forever and don't ever stop adventuring! 

Leave ASAP: You don't love having to pay hundreds of dollars just to travel within your own country 

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The price of travel within Canada has reached all-time highs and honestly it's getting a bit insane. All us Canadians want to do is explore our beautiful country, but when it costs almost $500 just to fly from Toronto to Vancouver or vice versa, it makes taking an adventure across the country a little more difficult.

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Stay In Canada Forever: Your idea of a vacation involves escaping to cottage country far away from the city lights

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The best way to take a vacation in Canada is to pack a weekend bag and head out to the nearest cottage country like Muskoka in Ontario or the Eastern Townships in Quebec. Escaping the big city lights and taking time to recharge in nature is a Canadian's idea of an ideal vacation. 

Leave ASAP: You prefer tropical rainforests or beach getaways to wilderness vacations 

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Canada is definitely home to some very nice beaches but our beaches just don't measure up when compared to the rest of the world. If your idea of a vacation is a trip to a white sandy beach with a tropical rainforest a few steps away, you might consider moving to somewhere like Thailand or Australia!

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Stay In Canada Forever: You're always polite 

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As Canadians, we're known worldwide by how polite we are. Sure the idea that Canadians are more polite than any other country in the world is mostly just a stereotype, but at least it's not a bad one! And I do think that the majority of Canadians have the polite gene. So if you're one of those people that can't ever be rude even if they tried, stay put!

Leave ASAP: You're sick of hearing the word "sorry" every day

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This is another Canadian stereotype that goes along with the polite stereotype, but this one is definitely true. Us Canadians apologize for basically everything. If someone bumps into me on the street, I'd probably say sorry like 5 times even if it wasn't my fault. If you're getting fed up with all the apologizing going on here, maybe consider moving down to the US instead.

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Stay In Canada Forever: If you want to live in one of the three most livable cities in the world 

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Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver were voted #3, #4 and #5 most livable cities in the world, in that order, for 2017. That's a pretty amazing feat that we should all be proud of. If you're considering a move from Canada and you're not currently living in one of these cities, maybe make the move to one of them first and see if you like it better. 

Leave ASAP: You want to live in the MOST livable city in the world

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Unfortunately, a Canadian city didn't make the top spot this year. Melbourne, Australia was voted the most livable city in the world and Vienna, Austria was voted #2. So if you can't settle for anything but the best you should consider a move down under!

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Stay In Canada Forever: You're obsessed with Tim Hortons 

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Tim Hortons is Canada's pride and joy, but it's sometimes a love-hate relationship. We wouldn't say it's the best coffee in the world, but it does have more caffeine than other coffee chains, it's super cheap and they have tons of sweets and goodies to pair with your good ol' cup of joe. Tim Hortons will never let us down when we're in need of a quick caffeine fix.

Leave ASAP: You prefer Dunkin Donuts 

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Dunkin Donuts is basically the US version of Tim Hortons. They stepped up their game with all the crazy flavours you can add into your coffees and iced coffees but they're only just now catching up to Tim Horton's amount of food and snack options. If you prefer Dunkin Donuts to Tim Hortons it might be time to make a move down south. 

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Stay In Canada Forever: You're a big fan of winter sports 

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Whether it's playing or just watching, Canadians love their winter sports. It makes sense since our winter's can be very long, so why not make the most of it? Hockey is a huge part of Canadian culture but we also love to pass those winter days with skiing and snowboarding at some of the best mountains in the world, Whistler anyone?

Leave ASAP: You wish it was summer weather year-round 

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As much as I, and most Canadians, love our winter sports sometimes we wish it was just summer weather all year-round. December is such a beautiful month in the winter, with the first snowfall making everything seem more romantic, spending evenings inside by the fire drinking hot cocoa, and the cheery holiday season. But after December, Canada turns into a freezing tundra that just won't let up until April. 

If you're getting sick of all the snow and freezing temperatures it may be time to move somewhere like California or Italy where you'll never go without a sunny day! 

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Stay In Canada Forever: You love having access to free healthcare

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Canada is lucky enough to have free health care for it's residence. Free as in we pay for it in our taxes every year and we won't have to pay if we ever need to go to the hospital. This system has allowed Canadians to have a higher life expectancy than the US and peace of mind that whenever we get sick or injured, we won't become bankrupt by receiving the care we need. 

Leave ASAP: You don't want to wait endless hours at the ER anymore 

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Although Canada does offer free health care, it definitely isn't the best system in the world. Since it's free, the ER piles up with patients and you could end up waiting hours to be seen by a nurse or doctor. Canada's health care system was only ranked 16th in the world, but Luxembourg was ranked the best health care system so if that's important to you, make the move!

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