Canada has wicked food. If you live here you totally know that. With such a diverse culture and people who love to eat, it's a match made in heaven. We have so many amazing places that are delicious, kind of crazy, and super important to the cities that they serve.

From nice restaurants made by Drake, to pet friendly places to eat and diners with poutine, these are all staples in any true Canadians diet and should defiantly not be ignored. I mean c'mon, it doesn't get any more Canadian than that. Drake, poutine, and cute animals are life. Canada is the best! 

Canada's 100 Best publishes what they think are the best 100 restaurants in Canada. They have been making these rankings for 3 years now which are judged by food critics and chefsDon't get me wrong they are great, but they are also expensive and what millennial isn't broke? Not all our fave places to eat need to be fancy or expensive either. There are so many amazing restaurants in Canada though like 100 doesn't even cover it. I could pick like 100 by my house, never mind across the entire country. So here are 26 Seriously Important Restaurants That You'll Never Find On Canada's 100 Best List (but that are totally the best!)

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British Columbia




Nova Scotia & Newfoundland

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Fring’s // 455 King St. W, Toronto

Drake’s restaurant, enough said. They actually make really good food though too! Definitely a bucket list restaurant for any Drizzy fan.

North of Brooklyn // Multiple locations, Toronto

Get that Brooklyn style pizza without having to actually having to be in NY. Toronto has been nicknamed the NYC of the north anyways.

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Tortería San Cosme // 181 Baldwin St, Toronto

Get Mexican style street food in Toronto!  The cool restaurants is decorated nicely so you'll feel like almost in Mexico.

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Baro // 481 King St W, Toronto

Baro serves latin food with a hint of Asian flair. The coolest part of Baro is that they have a secret password protected bar!

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Munchies Coffee House & Barkery // 1000 Upper Gage Ave #4, Hamilton

Cat Cafes are cool but if you're a dog owner, this is your jam. Be in the cutest restaurant ever because of all the doggies. They even make special birthday cakes for dogs!

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Oasis Surf // 9520 Boulevard Leduc Suite 01, Brossard

Oasis Surf is one of the most fun restaurants in Canada because not only do they offer surfing right in the restaurant, but you can actually sit around the waves and watch people surf as you eat.

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Dirtys Dogs // Multiple locations

Leave it to Montreal to have the best hot dog, fries, and poutine joint. With multiple locations in the city, it's no wonder it's a fan fave.

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Pub McCarold // 5400 Côte-des-Neiges Rd, Montreal

Only in Montreal will you find poutine nuggets! Yep, move over McDonald's because regular old chicken nuggets just won't do now.

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Ma Poule Mouillee // 969 Rachel St E, Montreal

What would Québec be without amazing poutine? Ma Poule Mouillee has heavenly poutines with tender Portuguese chicken and chorizo.

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St-Viateur Bagel // 263 Rue Saint Viateur O, Montreal

You can't do Montreal without an authentic Montreal style bagel. St. Viateur is one of the cities best and is seriously important!

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British Columbia:

Coombs Old Country Market // Coombs, British Columbia.

On the top of this Norweigian-style log house restaurant lives the goats. Enjoy your meal while on the patio with your new friends.

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Joong Won // 1329 Robson St, Vancouver

Joong Won says they have the spiciest noodles in Canada! It's one of those crazy challenges where if you can finish the entire bowl, you get it free! 

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Banter Room // 1039 Mainland St, Vancouver

Banter Room is a sexy chic restaurant and lounge. What makes it amazing though is that they have a champagne vending machine! 

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MeeT on Main // 4288 Main St, Vancouver

Leave it to the west coast for awesome vegan food! The plant-based restaurant offers a variety of yummy dishes from cauliflower bites to nacho fries.

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Bonterra Traitorra // 1016 8th Street SW, Calgary

Bonterra Traitorra is an Italian restaurant that is decked out in a magical forest atmosphere. Imagine your out hiking but really just counting calories.

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Ox Bar de Tapas // 528 17th Avenue SW, Calgary

Ox Bar de Tapas was previously known as Ox And Angela. It's a cool Spanish restaurant offering tapas with awesome unique décor.

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Cat Cafe on Whyte // 10111 82 Ave NW, Edmonton

Cat Cafe's are all the rage as my grandma would say. Which is totally appropriate since grandmas and cats go purrrfect together. I had to say it.

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Mon Ami Louis // 50 Provencher Blvd, Winnipeg

Mon Ami Louis is unique in that it is one of the only restaurants situated right in the middle of a bridge, over the water, that you can only access by foot.

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 RAW almond // Red River @ Assiniboine River, Winnipeg

RAW almond is one of the most amazing concepts in Canada where you get to eat a fancy dinner on ice. It's a pop-up and a perfect way to make the most of Winnipeg's cold winters.

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 Stellas // 166 Osborne St, Winnipeg

A true staple in most Winnipeggars diets, Stella's may not be on the top of the fine dining list, but is on the top of everyone's favourites list.

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The Cave Restaurant // Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Legit one of the coolest looking restaurants you'll come across in the prairies. You get to actually have dinner inside a cave. Instagram approved!

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Bushwakker Brewpub // 2206 Dewdney Avenue, Regina

Bushwakker is a pub that serves pub food that hits the spot when your drinking. Most notably they have these enormous nachos that will defs fill you up.

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Station Place // 221 Idylwyld Dr N, Saskatoon

Station place is a restaurant that serves you right inside this train car. The cool location makes it an Instagram lovers dream.

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Nova Scotia & Newfoundland:

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Tall Ship Silva // 1751 Lower Water Street, Halifax

Tall Ship Silva is a cool boat that sails around the Halifax Harbour. While sailing the coast, you can enjoy the on-board cocktails and appetizers.

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Baddeck Lobster Supper // 17 Ross Street, Baddeck

The absolute best thing about the maritimes is the fresh AF seafood. So obviously you need to try the locally fished lobster.

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St. John's Fish Exchange Kitchen & Wet Bar // 351 Water St, St. Johns

Again with that East coast seafood. Seriously though, you can never get enough. St. John's Fish Exchange is cool because it's a remembrance of those who based their livelihood on the fishery.

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