You may know Sophie Gregoire Trudeau as the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But at the end of the day, Sophie is a Canadian just like you or me, with her own beliefs, goals, and struggles. 

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau has used her status as a public figure to bring awareness to a number of different causes but to understand some of her biggest accomplishments we first dive into her past and some of her deep personal journeys. 

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Sophie was an only child, growing up in the same Montreal neighbourhood as the Trudeau family and she was actually friends and classmates with the Prime Minister's youngest brother, Michel. So she actually met him when they were children before reconnecting with the now PM in 2003 and getting married in 2005. 

But before marrying Trudeau, Sophie faced her own struggles. In her late teen years, she suffered from Bulimia, an eating disorder and mental illness, which she spent two years getting treatment for in her early 20s. 

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Her personal mental health journey has actually shaped a lot of her philanthropy work since being the spouse of the Prime Minister, which is her official title. Sophie has done a lot of work for mental health organizations while in the public eye, but that's not all she has done. 

Here are some of the most amazing things Sophie Gregoire Trudeau has done for Canada. 

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1. Speaking out for different causes

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Sophie has been highlighted for her philanthropy work. She is an ambassador for Plan Canada, supporting women's rights, as well as a number of causes for people recovering from eating disorders. Even when Sophie was a reporter on Etalk, she chose to focus on celebrities charities. 

2. Changing How We View Politicians

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Justin Trudeau has certainly changed how people look at politics, being deemed the sexiest Prime Minister around the world. But Sophie has done her fair share to help change our views. Shortly after Trudeau was elected, the pair was featured in Vogue and Canadians could not stop talking about it. For the first time ever we saw a public figure intimately, glamorously, and in a sexy way that can be fully credited to Sophie. 

3. Promoted Canadian Designers Worldwide

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Sophie has an ever elegant style and one wardrobe staple for her seems to be Canadian designers. Whether it is Aleks Susak, which she wore on the family's trip to India, not one but two of Lucian Matis's designs on one day during the Trudeau's state visit to Washington in 2016. 

4. Wrote And Sang One Of Her Own Songs

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau isn't just a Prime Minister's spouse, it turns out she is also a bit of a singer/songwriter. She performed a song she wrote at an event honouring Martin Luther King back in June 2016. While the move was criticized by some it definitely showed a whimsical side of Sophie. And coincidentally her mother in law, Margeret Trudeau did something similar when she sang at a charity event in 1976. 

5. Is An Icon For Working Canadian Mothers

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The Trudeau's have three kids, Xavier, Ella-Grace, and Hadrien. When Trudeau was first elected as a Liberal MP, Sophie lived alone with her kids in Montreal while he stayed in Ottawa during the week. She was still working at Etalk at that time, but prioritized a work-life balance and spending time with her children. She has always been a role model for other working Canadian mothers and has been very open about how the busy family has made it work. 

If that old phrase behind every great man is an even greater woman rings true anywhere in our society it is with Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, who has used her time as a public figure to draw attention to important causes, all while remaining a dedicated mother, philanthropist, and most importantly, herself. 

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