When you're dating someone, you'd like to think that you're both at the same pace. AKA you're not saying "I love you" on date four when they're still actively swiping on Tinder. If the two of you are happy and moving forward in your relationship, it's safe to say he likes you. But love? How can you tell??  

It takes some people, whether they're guys or girls, a decent amount of time to warm up to the word. This means, depending on how comfortable you and your S/O are, it could be days, weeks or even months before either one of you says those 3 words. While you're waiting to hear, or wanting to know, whether or not your BF might be falling for you - check to see if he's showing any of these signs according to the guys of Reddit

1. There's always room for you in his schedule 

"He makes time for you even when by all accounts he's busy as fuck. If he works two jobs, he'll pick you up on his way home (or come to your place to stay the night), if he's got a lunch break when you're not working he'll ask you to swing by his office, he'll text you whenever he's got a break.

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder." - Adam, 21.

2. He always wants to show you new things 

"Whenever I see something cool, I want to show it to them. I imagine fun activities to do together. Generally wanting to share experiences, thoughts, and time with them." - Rob, 23. 

3. He'll drop your name whenever he can 

"If you're doing anything in your life and you find some way to tie it to that person, you're going off the deep end. 

'Oh, we're going to see [X] movie? I'm excited to see it! [Y] has been talking about it for awhile now.'

'You take your coffee with two creams? [Y] does the same thing'

'You just got back from a fifteen year space expedition to Mars and got in contact with extraterrestrial life? [Y]'s favorite movie is E.T., I should let her know about your adventures!' - Cameron, 25. 

4. He likes 'us' time more than 'me' time

"For me, it was wanting to spend time with them rather than doing stuff I would normally do alone." -  Kyle, 20. 

 5. He wants to keep you safe 

"You feel a need to protect her. You think about her when you don't see her." - Cole, 23. 

6. You'll probably be able to tell when he's really feeling it

"Guys are individuals, we each express emotions differently. Other than him saying "I love you", it's all guesswork." - Andy, 27. 

7. It's all in what he says about you when you're not around

"My favorite sign: he brags about you to his friends and family when you're not around. He probably doesn't even realize it can seem like bragging, he's just sharing. Then when you meet them, they say things like, "Oh, you're xalbrlax! He talks about you all the time!"

 Don't be surprised if you ask him what he says and he doesn't remember 🙂 Or he wants to play it cool so you don't get a big head. It's just that he associates his happiness with you, so he naturally brings you up in conversations. Related, if long-time friends say, "You know, I've never seen him so happy." Shows you're a good match and bring out the best in him." - John, 25. 

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