Moving in with a roommate of any kind can be stressful. It can be double as stressful if your roommate happens to be your significant other. 

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Chances are if you've found yourself on this article, you're somewhere between thinking about moving in, or literally just about to...or maybe you're just curious. Regardless of the reason, here are a few things you absolutely must do before moving in with your significant other: 

1. Travel together 

There are few times you'll spend as much one-on-one time with your S/O as you do while you're traveling. Traveling, and I'm not talking about a weekend getaway, requires patience, problem solving, and just straight toleration of your partner sometimes. This isn't to say that if you can't explore the Sahara dessert together, you shouldn't move in, but it does give some indication on how life with your partner might go. The one thing here, is that even if traveling goes extremely well, don't forget you WERE on vacation probably doing awesome stuff, so it's not an exact representation of how regular life will be. 

2. Party together

Party styles can honestly make or break a relationship in general, but they can especially get in the way of things once you move in together. If one person loves to rage on the weekend, have people over until the early hours of the morning, while the other is happy leaving the bar at 1am, getting some drunk food and passing out, you're going to have a problem. Make sure your party styles see eye-to-eye before deciding to take your relationship to the next step. 

3. Learn to argue

There's a difference between fighting and arguing. Learn that difference, and then stick to arguing. Arguments happen and should happen, everything being always perfect and happy is impossible in any relationship (romantic or otherwise). But the difference is, arguing should come to a conclusion where both parties are satisfied with the compromise, while fighting could lead to someone's stuff being thrown off the balcony (for real, I know people it's happened to). Try your best to put yourself in their shoes, and honestly, just put your ego aside and you'll probably resolve your issue in no time.

4. Be gross together

Once you move in together, all privacy basically goes out the door. Makes sure you're 1000% comfortable with everything your partner does and vice versa. Ladies, if you still need to wear make-up around him to feel comfortable, you should probably reconsider moving in together for awhile. 

5. Have a 'money talk' 

No one likes talking about money. It's uncomfortable, it's annoying, but it's also necessary. How is rent going to be divided? 50/50? What if one of you makes way more money? What about bills? Figure out what works for you and your S/O before deciding that you're for sure moving in together. 

6. . Do absolutely nothing together

Mostly, living with your significant other, will be a whole lot of nothing. I'm sure in your head it might seem like it will be constant dates, cute at-home dinners, endless sex, but in reality, your life will pretty much go on as always. Make sure you and your partner are able to live your lives together but also a part and are comfortable just doing nothing specific in each other's presence. 

7. Discuss why exactly you're doing this 

An essential question to ask yourself before moving in together, is WHY? Why are you doing this? Is it out of financial convenience? Is this a step toward marriage? Whatever the reason is, make sure you are in sync and it'snot just one person's opinion outweighing the  other's. 

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