Anyone who wears foundation knows the struggle. You want a product that keeps you looking dewy, but not too dewy, matte, but not dry, lightweight, but full coverage. All these contradictions make it feel like it's sometimes impossible to find the right foundation for you.

If you're shopping at places like Sephora, a good quality foundation can get pretty pricey, but it's not hard to justify dropping $ 40 on something that's going to make you look bomb af.

You can tuck away that extra $20 from now, because we've uncovered some of the best drugstore foundations that will set you back less than $ 15! These products are phenomenal in their own way, and we've got something for everyone! 

Whether you're into BB cream, cushion foundation, powders, gold liquids, this list is bound to help you uncover a new all time,

1. Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation

Price: CAD $10.99

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A lot of matte formulas are known for making you look cakey, but the light-weight formula of Maybelline's Fit Me. The coverage is amazing, even with a minimum amount of product, and the wear is long lasting!

2. NYX Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation

Price: CAD $14

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When they say "full coverage", they're not lying. This foundation will cover any and all imperfections you're looking to hide, and it will not break the bank. It's highly pigmented and long-lasting, so you're ready to go!

3.  Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation

Price: CAD $13.97

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If you've got a lot of dry skin, you'll find this foundation to be lifesaver. The Covergirl Vitalist Elixr Foundation applies beautifully, and dries to a smooth matte finish but will not dry you out. It stays in place all day long, and the product has a seriously amazing shade range.

4.  Wet n Wild MegaCushion Foundation SPF 15

Price: CAD $11.50

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Cushion foundation is a trend that I have yet to make, but I'm thinking about it. The Wet n Wild MegaCushion Foundation formula is lightweight and leaves your skin looking dewy, but still conceals any imperfections. 

5. Rimmel BB Cream Matte Foundation

Price: CAD $6.98

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With summer coming up, it's definitely time to ditch the heavy, full coverage foundation, and pick up some super light BB cream. The Rimmel London Matte Foundation BB Cream is the perfect formula for summer. It's got SPF 15 to help protect your skin from the sun, and it's super hydrating and light weight.

6. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm

Price: CAD $10.99

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If you're here for convenience, this BB cream is exactly what you need. This product is super easy (you can use your fingers, no need for a beauty blender), and it stays in place during the day, even in the insane heat! The formula is lightweight, but still provides amazing coverage.

7. Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation

Price: CAD $7.19

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Do you have a lot of ideas, but you do not know how to make a new selfie for Instagram? If you answered yes, you'll want to pick up this ASAP foundation. It's super affordable, so you're not feeling like you're wasting it!

8. elf Acne Fighting Foundation

Price: CAD $10.99

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If you're ready to breakouts, this product may just become your new best friend. It contains ingredients like witch hazel, tea tree oil, and aloe vera that help heal your skin while you're wearing it! The more often you use it, the better your complexion will look!

9. NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation

Price: CAD $13

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If you love the matte look, but are worried that it will be yours, this product is what you need. The NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat foundation is the perfect powder to keep your makeup in place. 

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