Fortunately for our winter bodies, oversize sweaters are more popular than ever this year. All of the basic fashionistas everywhere are rejoicing at the arrival of the cold winter weather, knowing that they can offical unpack those warmer clothes and cycle into the time of the year where you can be both trendy and comfortable. After all, nothing beats a Bath & Body Works candle, a comfy knit sweater, and a good netflix binge.

With Winter 2017 promising to be one of the best for sweater weather fashion, we searched Instagram to find the most beautiful sweaters to inspire you and of course pair with your knits, jackets & booties. Of course, we aren't going to make you fall in love with a look and not show you how to get your hands on it, so we've added a link to the piece in question or to a similar item if it is no longer available. Happy shopping!

The fringed sweater

via @tesschristinexo

You can find Tess Christine's off-white jumper here on the ASOS website ($70). However, since it is out of stock at the moment, this Zara option is also available ($60).

The sand sweater

via @itsashbrooke

You can recreate the same look with this sweater, available at Zara ($49) or do it a little cheaper at H&M for $29.

The off-the-shoulder knit sweater

via @maryamishah

A sweater similar to the one pictured above is currently on sale at Urban Outfitters at $72. You can find it here. Or you can check out H&M's option here ($29).

Lace turtleneck

via @caroline.chagnon

This sweater is on sale in Zara, but seems out of stock right now. You can find it online for $70 here. H&M also takes a unique twist to the look, you can find it here ($40).

The gray sweater

via @hellosylviaa

This slate grey is totally the color of the season! One similar to the image above is available at Zara for $50 here. Or you can get this $40 version at H&M, it's also worth checking out the different colour options (available in light gray and dark).

The pink sweater

via @thatsotee

The ultra sweet puffy sleeve pink sweater is available on the Zara website, for $60 or on H&M for $50.

The firefighter red sweater

via @martalozanop

This is a big must this year! Marta Lozanop found her sweater at H&M ($49 here).

The beige sweater XL

via @dentellefleurs

If you do not want to shell out hundreds of dollars for this Ganni sweater, a similar affordable version is available at H&M for $ 49.

The pastel sweater

via @bgkionline

This lavender turtleneck is on sale at Forever 21 for $33.

Adapted from: Narcity Quebec

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